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Five Facts About David Duchovny 1. David Duchovny is famous all around the world as Fox Mulder in the X-Files series (a true phenomenon of the 90s) and for playing Hank Moody in the sometimes controversial and always... 0 Comments
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Five Facts About David Duchovny

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Seven Facts About Arthur Conan Doyle
1. Remembered today mainly as the "father" of Sherlock Holmes (and it is a valid question how many of his casual readers ever bothered to try something else by him), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was also a fascinating person, with a full and rich life. He was not only a succesfull writer, but he trained to be a medic and worked as a surgeon, he...
Seven Facts You Perhaps Didn't Know About Haruki Murakami
1. Although he is nowadays one of the most famous Japanese contemporary writers, Haruki Murakami is a very private person, who values most of all his anonymity and to a large degree refuses to comply to the "bestseller author" type of life. He gives very few interviews, very rarely he attends book signings or public events, is surprisingly...
Three Little Known Facts From Art History
1. Georgia O'Keeffe is nowadays famous mainly for her wonderful paintings depicting colourful, enlarged, mystical flowers, yet maybe even some of her greatest do not know that her studio... wasn't a real studio. In fact this original artist preffered to work in such a cramped and enclosed environement that it might seem like a joke. O'Keeffe didn't...
Five Famous Statues You Must See
1. The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark: hard to imagine a statue which could ever replace the Little Mermaid in the history of Denmark, and it is no wonder that this particular work of art is still so popular. Although rather small comparing it to other much larger statues - as it is only 1.25 meters high, a little disapointing when you first...
Seven Facts About David Bowie
1. The real name of this music legend was David Robert Jones and he was born on the 8th of January 1947 in Brixton, London, UK. The funny fact is that David Bowie had the same birthdate as Elvis Presley. He would later change his name to David Bowie for fear of being mistaken for then rather famous David Jones from The Monkees. And the very first...
Salvator Mundi By Leonardo Da Vinci Sells for 450 Million Dollars
" Salvator Mundi ", a portrait of Christ painted by Leonardo da Vinci somewhere between 1506-1513 and long considered to be lost, recently sold at Christie's New York for the record final price of 450.3 million dollars, becoming the most expensive painting ever to be sold. It is an astonishing figure, as not only the estimates ranged...
Disney Announces Future Star Wars Trilogy
Disney has recently announced a future Star Wars trilogy, which will feature new characters and a new place in the galaxy which wasn't previously featured and also the possibility of producing sometime in the future a Star Wars TV series. Judging by the critical and box office succes of Rogue One and the excitement with which the fans are...
Traditions, Customs and Superstitions
If you want to scare the evil spirits in Brazil you must wear white clothes all the time. At least that is the old wives tale. Did you know that in China although most of the population doesn't follow any religion about one in every three Chinese people believe in one or more forms of fortune telling? Living and working in Japan is...
Strange Void Discovered Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza
The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt has captured and fascinated the imagination of countless generations and for many it was the beginning of devoting themselves to studying the history of these mysterious monuments and the ancient, nearly forgotten dynasties that had made a great civilization once upon a time. But despite the studies and...
Five Facts About Stranger Things
After the surprising success that the very first season of this Netflix show had (as if to show everybody that the genre is far from being out of fashion) the second Stranger Things season aired to the same kind of reaction. Bringing together science fiction, horror, the 80s atmosphere, music and nostalgic charm, and continuing to tell a story...
Top Nine Strange European Facts and Figures
1. Travelling to Romania you can visit an totally unusual cemetery, the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, an important tourist attraction, very popular for locals. The reason? The wooden large funeral monuments are not only painted in bright colours and further decorated with naive elements, but funny epitaphs are written on them. It might be shocking for...
Facts About the Outer Space
1. The very first human who looked into outer space using a telescope was no other than Galileo Galilei, more than four centuries ago. But he couldn't have known that there is no sound in space. Or that there is no gravity. 2. Our Moon is about 238,750 miles away from the Earth, and according the recent theories it might have formed due to a...
Talking About Recycling
You should be already familiar with the green symbol for recycling. Those green arrows that make some sort of a circle, surely you have seen it before. But did you know that the symbol was the creation of one Gary Anderson, who in 1970 entered it in an art and design contest organized by Corporation of America. It was supposed to increase awareness...
Facts From Cinema History
1. It might seem to be just a story, but before the smashing success of Rocky, Sylvester Stallone was so poor that he had to sell his dog, Butkus, for just 50 dollars. Not only that he didn't have enough to feed the pet, he simply didn't have enough food for himself. After selling the script for Rocky he not only bought the dog back for 3000...
Fun and Weird History Facts
1. In the past you could win an art medal at the Olympic Games. Although it might seem weird today, starting with 1912 and ending with 1948 there were fine arts competitions at the Olympics, thus remembering the fact that ancient Greeks had art festivals during the games. So in keeping with that tradition you could compete in music, painting,...
Art History Can Be Unusual
Armand Guillaumin (1841 - 1927) might not be today one of the most popular of the Impressionist artists, but in his time he was not only rather wellknown, but also friend to some of the greatest painters. He worked during his free time - he had a full time job for many years - and still managed to exhibit in 1863 at the now famous Salon des Refuses...
Space, Planets, Stars and Science
Did you know that it takes 8.3 minutes for the light of the Sun to travel to Earth? The planet Uranus has 27 moons, or at least so many have been discovered so far. There could be more. On Mercury just one day lasts as long as 59 days on Earth. Approximately. The Moon is larger than Pluto. There are "seas" on the...
Did You Know That?
The very first U.S. Mint was created on April 2 1792 by the Congress and would produce the first circulating coins one year later, in March 1793. And surely there are coin collectors who would give so much to have just one of this precious pieces of history. And if you worked there and had the audacity of stealing coins or even worse, making false...
Top Facts About Ringo Starr
1. Born in 1940, Richard Starkey was a very sickly child and nearly died following peritonitus, and about seven years later he came down with tuberculosis. He missed a lot of school, had fallen behind and was feeling like an outcast. He would abandon school when he was just 15, and if it wasn't for music who knows what would have happened. Before...
10 Facts About Angry Birds
1. It is one of the most successful and popular games of all times. The Angry Birds franchise is also - according to recent studies - one of the most addictive video games in history, as you can play it on a multitude of platforms, mainly mobile ones. 2. Why did the pigs became the birds' mortal arch-enemies? The answer is rather simple. When...
Lives of Famous Composers
1. Frederic Chopin was burried with a small urn containing Polish soil, a romantic testament to the devotion to his homeland. No matter his international success the pianist was still very much a Polish in his heart. 2. While being enrolled at the Conservatoire in Moscow, both Tchaikovsky and Saint Saens used to have fun imitating ballet...
The Artly World of Modern Technology
The word robot comes from the Czech, robota, which could be translated as forced labor. Did you know that the very first mobile phone call was made in 1973? On April 3 an employee of Motorola, Martin Cooper, made a phone call while walking the streets of New York City, something which seemed to be an idea from a SF movie. Maybe those who...
10 Facts About Johnny Cash
1. Although a country legend, Cash was discovered by younger generation mostly due to his inspired and so personal covers of songs by bands which weren't around when he was already famous. Although the most popular of these covers is still Hurt (Nine Inch Nails), he also provided his own versions of Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode) or One (U2)....
Little Known Facts About Famous People
1. Harrison Ford became Han Solo mostly by accident. He was working as a carpenter for Francis Ford Coppola, merely fitting a door, when another studio employee asked the young man to help him with a part reading. He had to provide the lines while they interviewed actresses for a future production. The name of the movie was to be Star Wars ....
Strange Customs
1. If you like a girl in Fiji and want to demand her hand in marriage you must first gift her father a whale's tooth. 2. An old Dutch custom calls for you to congratulate the entire family on somebody's birthday. 3. One of the most popular weird customs, as every year more and more newspapers, TV station and sites present it: the Spanish...
Famous Landmarks and Their Stories
There is a strange legend about the beautiful Cologne Cathedral, a splendid example of Gothic architecture. According to local lore once upon a time, when the building of the cathedral had begun, the devil himself swore that once it was completed it would be the end of the whole city. Legend or not, the Cologne Cathedral is still not 100 percent...
Did You Know? Video Games
The one and only Marlon Brando recorded lines of dialogue for the Godfather game shortly before he passed away. But unfortunatelly for his fans his speech was already slurred, so the studios were forced to hire a sound-alike. Way before becoming the first in a huge collection of games, which took the critics and players by storm, the very...
Strange, Weird, Unusual Movie Facts
1. All the clocks in Pulp Fiction are stuck on the same time - 4:20. 2. This is Spinal Tap was a controversial movie that became a cult-movie, and the first VHS releases even had a small sticker that warned potential buyers that the band portrayed in the film didn't exist. 3. If in the book the slippers were silver, for the movie...
Queen Will Release A News of the World Box Set
Four decades after the release of their sixth studio album, News of the World - famous at the time for including We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions - Queen is preparing the release of an anniversay box set bringing together the record and several surprises, some of these a real shock even for long time fans. Since many bands with such...
Facts About Books
1. Reading is considered to be the best exercise for your brain and more than that: it reduces your stress levels, you learn something new every day, it maintains your memory and helps in preventing Alzheimer, and also is statistically the cheapest hobby you could find. 2. No matter how popular they are, the most famous tales from the Arabian...


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Recommended News

Five Facts About David Duchovny Five Facts About David Duchovny
1. David Duchovny is famous all around the world as Fox Mulder in the X-Files series (a true phenomenon of the 90s) and for playing Hank Moody in the sometimes controversial and always ...
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