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Five Facts About Leipzig 1. Leipzig made media history in 1650, when it was the city where the very first newspaper was published. The work of Timotheus Ritzsch, a printer and book merchant who wanted to present the news... 0 Comments
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Five Facts About Leipzig

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The Warley Museum. Maybe the Smallest One
There is a certain fascination for having a world record even when it comes to museums and collections. The largest body of work signed by a certain artist, the most valuable paintings, the oldest building, the richest treasures brought together in a single space, and the list could go on. But there are some who are interested mainly in rather...
Strange Laws From All Around the World
1. If you are a parent in California you ought to know that telling you kid not to play in puddles of water is against the law. Literally. 2. In Florence it is forbidden to eat or drink while either sitting on church steps or being in the courtyard of the same church. And the law still applies when it comes to other public buildings. Not only...
Thinking the World in Numbers
The Great Wall of China is 21,196 km long and no, you can not see it from space, it is just a myth. But still it is the largest structure ever built on Earth. More than 40 percent of the world's total production of almonds is used every year by the chocolate manufacturers. We have on average 1460 dreams a year, maybe more. And yes,...
Local Traditions You Maybe Didn't Know
Every year of March 12 in China is the National Tree Planting Day. It is on this very day that millions simply try to make their streets and town greener, an idea that should be embraced by all countries. Want to have a string of good luck during the year to come? Then while in Chile, at midnight in the last night of the year you'd better have...
Strange Laws From All Around the World
Visiting Oklahoma in the USA? Then you'd better not make any "ugly faces" at a dog, for that is cause for a hefty fine or even imprisonment. How would the judge decide exactly between the two in anyone's guess, but maybe it depends on the number of dogs or the "ugliness" of the face. One of the strangest and most real laws...
Travelling Around the World
The iconic Eiffel Tower was initially planned to be installed in Barcelona, Spain, but the authorities of that age rejected (rather loudly) the whole idea. Around 90 elephants are killed every day in Africa by poachers for ivory and meat. Hard as it may be to believe it, in the US there are more public libraries than McDonald's...
Facts of the World
The largest diamond ever discovered is the Cullinan Diamond, found in January 1905 in a mine in South Africa. This priceless gem has no less than 3106,75 carats, and so far none has come even close. Africa is the only continent which is at the same time in the four hemispheres. The only country without an official capital city? The tiny...
All Around the World
1. The safest country in Europe is Norway. 2. Bolivia has no more, no less than 37 official languages, including Bolivian Sign Language, several extinct dialects and, of course, Spanish. 3. It is great being a Norwegian author. When you publish a book here, if it is approved by a specially appointed board, then the Norwegian government...
Seven Facts About New York City
1. Many like to call it by it's most famous nickname, the Big Apple, but in the past the city's name was New Amsterdam. It was later conquered by the English from the Dutch and in 1664 was given by the Duke of York to his son, as a birthday gift.  But in the beginning the land upon nowadays the city lays was bought of the natives for trinkets...
Travelling to South Korea
The national flag of South Korea is more complicated and symbolic than you may think. You might think that it is just a circle on white, surrounded by some strange Asian characters, but everything means something. White is for peace, the blue and red circle in the middle is for unity of Yin and Yang, while all around are the trigrams of the elements...
Travelling to Argentina – Sights to Remember
Argentina has a mainland are of 2 780 400 km2, so it is the eight largest country in the world and the second larges in South America. With it's 23 provinces, it's capital is Buenos Aires and the official language spoken here is Spanish, and the country has declared the independence from Spain in 1816. It has a large amount of natural...
The Iasi National Theatre
Five Facts You Maybe Didn't Know About the Iasi National Theatre 1. This is actually the oldest National Theatre of Romania, and was founded in 1840. According to historians, at the beginning of the 19th century there were several theatrical performances in Iasi, performed in Romanian (a crucial detail), and one of the first was in September...
The Rope Street - One of the Narrowest Ever
It is but a long and narrow street in Brasov, Romania, connecting two much larger medieval street, the Cerbului Street and the Poarta Schei Street (translated as the Stag Street and the Schei Gate Street), easily missed if you pass by it too fast or if you are mesmerized by the old, beautiful buildings of the old part of this Romanian city. It would...
Five Landmarks to See in Bucharest
1. The Romanian Atheneum - instantly recognisable, this old and elegant concert hall is not only one of the most beautiful cultural landmarks of Bucharest, but also a symbol of the timeless identity of the Romanian capital. Finished in 1888 in a neo-classical style it is still the place to be for various fascinating concerts and events, and it is...
The Arch of Triumph in Bucharest
One of the oldest and most impressive architectural monuments of the Romanian capital, Arcul de Triumf can be found on the Kiseleff boulevard, at the intersection with another two large streets, the Marshal Prezan Boulevard and the Marshal Averescu Boulevard, and close to the beautiful Herastrau Park. It is one of the most memorable Arches of...
The Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia
According to local stories, this splendid and savage place near Gorje, about 65 km from Ljubljana, was actually discovered at the end of the 19th century by the Mayor of Gorje and a local cartographer and photographer. So it was Jakob Zumer and Benedikt Lergetporer who first saw the natural beauty of the place, and one can only wonder what the place...
The Lavender Museum in Provence
Or if you like better the French name (which also sounds more promising) Musee de la Lavande in Coustellet, Provence, maybe a museum which most do not know about, and surely wouldn't think of coming here especially for a visit. Yet this is a place and a town with an interesting history, a surprising and enduring charm, an a long tradition in growing...
Cremona - the City of Violins
While it may not be among the top Italian tourist attractions, the city of Cremona is well known worldwide due to the role it played in the history of classical music. For Cremona is without a doubt the City of Violins. Just imagine that Amati, Guarneri, Stradivari were the greatest violin makers of all times (so experts say) and they lived and...
The Horses' Waterfall in Maramures
Being one of the most impressive and also one of the tallest (even if not as well known as it should be) waterfalls of Romania, and surely a sight to behold and a tourist attraction to remember, the Horses' Waterfall in Maramures can be found in the Rodna Mountains, about three kilometers from the Borsa Tourist Complex. And according to local...
The Gabroveni Inn in Bucharest
An old and impressive building on Lipscani Street in the Old Center of Bucharest, this bicentennial structure dates is one of the most easily recognisable and popular tourist landmarks in this part of the Romanian capital. It is difficult to say for sure just when the inn was actually built. Most of the sources say that it began in 1804, but most...
The Stavropoleos Monastery in Bucharest
The Old Center of Bucharest is a place for parties and pleasant evenings, filled with bars and restaurants for all tastes and ages, where you might spend a few hours without noticing where time has gone by. But near this modern and noisy space there are several tourist and cultural landmarks which you must not miss. And one of the oldest and most...
Herastrau Park in Bucharest
One of the largest, most beautiful and certainly popular parks of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, the Herastrau Park in the northern park of the city is nowadays surely a place to visit and enjoy, as it's history begins over one hundred years ago. It was by the end of the 19th century that many took the time to enjoy a walk along the banks of the...
National Military Museum of Bucharest
Some might call it old-fashioned, as it surely needs some long awaited overhaul and modernisation. A lot of the rich collections are still in storage and seldom make their appearance in the exhibition halls, in no small part due to lack of space. Others may be turned away by the military artefacts, weapons and uniforms. It might not be their cup of...
What to see in Bulgaria
Saint Sofia Church, Sofia – one of the oldest churches in Bulgaria, with a complicated and fascinating history, it was built on the very place where several older places of worship most likely stood, being completed in the 6th century, about the same time as the better known Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. As the most important church for...
Famous Landmarks of Romania
Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest : as the second largest administrative building in the world and having become over the last quarter of a century a symbol of the Romanian capital, this colossal place is one of the most celebrated and popular landmarks of the city. It houses both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, it is often the host for...
Romania - The Old Mansions of Bicfalau
Large, impressive examples of old Transylvanian architecture, those white and massive houses with small windows and red shingle roofs, a door like that of an ancient castle, structures which could be justly called mansions, and are seldom found, those which remained, in remote villages. Among this type of old buildings the mansions in the village of...
Bigar Waterfall, an amazing place in Romania
“The miracle from the Minis gorge”, as it is called by locals, the Bigar Waterfall is one of the most beautiful and unusual waterfalls in the world. Located in the nature reserve in Anina Mountains, in Caras Severin county, this waterfall has found itself on countless lists of stunning places around the world and one of the most...
Casa Boema, landmark in Cluj
There are so many things to see in the Romanian city of Cluj. Places to go, old streets to wander, historical buildings, some of them centuries old yet surprisingly well preserved, museums and memorial houses, palaces and gardens, there is something to see and visit for everybody. One could go to the house of Matei Corvin, or could spend some time...
5 Amazing places to visit in Romania
Romania, a beautiful country located in South Eastern Europe, attracts millions of tourists each year with its scenic landscapes, unique culture and historically significant landmarks. Also Romania is famous for the Transylvanian legend of Prince Dracula and its castle. Romania gives you the opportunity to see many interesting and wonderful places:...
The White Desert of Egypt
All over the world is talking about Egypt and pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Sinai and Red Sea, but few know that in the west of this countries are vestiges as interesting, some even better preserved. These vestiges are found in the area the north-east of Qasr el-Farafra, in the White Desert, known locally as el Sahara el Beyda. The...


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Five Facts About Leipzig Five Facts About Leipzig 1. Leipzig made media history in 1650, when it was the city where the very first newspaper was published. The work of Timotheus Ritzsch, a printer and book merchant who wanted to present the news of the day, Einkommende Zeitungen was published four days a ... Alte destinatii: Did You Know? Facts About Switzerland Five Interesting Facts About Beijing The Neamt Citadel The Warley Museum. Maybe the Smallest One Strange Laws From All Around the World + Places to go