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PORTRAIT-SELF-PORTRAIT - MAIL-ART-project PORTRAIT-SELF-PORTRAIT-- --MAIL-ART-project. This project is dedicated to the portrait or to the self-portrait. Everything that is connected with the portrait or self-portrait is admitted.... 0 Comments
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A MAD Collection of Goblets
    In his half of century of history the Museum of Arts and Design in New York has been the host of several important exhibitions, and the next one, dedicated solely to goblets, is bound to be a success. It is an unique selection of goblets of all kind, sizes and in all mediums :...
First Caribbean Art Fair Opens in New York
Starting on the 1 st of November, until the 4 th , New York will be the host of the very First Annual International Caribbean Art Fair, which will take place at the Puck Building and will bring together, for the very first time, exclusivelly artworks made by artists who have Caribbean heritage. The organisers have already...
Berthe Morisot A Retrospective
      Berthe Morisot is still considered today one of the most important Impressionist painters of all times. But her career is also important for art history as she managed to become a respected name in the field in late 19 th century France , at a time when female artists, and...
Drawings and Prints from Holland Golden Age
The "Drawings and Prints from Holland's Golden Age" installation is presented as an addenda to the larger show "The Age of Rembrandt: Dutch Paintings" and is actually a selection of drawings and prints made by artists working in Holland in the 17 th century, such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Jacob van Ruisdael, Albert Cuyp,...
Lucian Freud: The Painter Etchings
     Lucian Freud (British artist, born in Germany in 1922) in considered by all to be one of the most important figurative artists of today, as his style reinvented and gave new dimensions to portrait painting and especially to the nude theme. But besides being an original and influential...
Roman Art from the Louvre
     The Seattle Museum of Art will host at the end of February 2008 the opening of a brand new show, "Roman Art from the Louvre", which presents to the best of Roman art from the Louvre collections, a first in Seattle. The selection made by the curators brings back to life almost 300 years...
Andy Warhol - Dream America
Starting on October 4 th 2007 the Utah Museum of Fine Arts is hosting one of the most important exhibitions in it's history, a selection of nearly one hundred screenprints made by the one and only Andy Warhol, one of the most original and controversial artists of the 20 th century. It is a rare opportunity for art lovers, as the works...
Lili Almog - Perfect Intimacy at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Lili Almog is rather well known for her often controversial but everytime beautiful photographs, depicting the life and values in the Middle East . One such exhibition of photos is hosted at this time by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel, depicting the lives of nuns in the Carmelite monasteries, the Carmelites being a Catholic order,...
Bare Witness: Photographs by Gordon Parks
Gordon Parks, an African American photographer who passed away in 2006, at 93, was one of the most interesting US artists of this trade, managing to capture in his stills striking and often shocking images of crime and poverty, as well as richness, happyness and glamour. He began working as a pro in the 1940s and in a short while he was...
The Art of Noh Theater
For centuries, Nogaku or Noh has been an important part of traditional Japanese culture, a form of classic theater, that still has many admirers. The history of Noh begins in the Muromachi period (1392 - 1573), and this particular art form has it's origins in the ritual music which was played in themples and shrines. Over the next years...
The Collection of Alex E. Booth, Jr.
     The Collection of Alex E. Booth Jr, which comprises some of the best of the Huntington Museum of Art's permanent collection, is one of the most important of it's kind in the US . At the start, the first of these works were donated by Alex E. Booth Jr to the museum in 1964, and over...
Picturing the African American Experience:
     Kadir Nelson is one of the most important illustrator that adresses the African American public, creating folk tales in contemporary settings and bringing famous historic figures to life, all through her beautiful drawings, many made for children books. The Akron Art...
Animals in Bronze from the Erlanger Collection
     Over the course of art history the representantion of animals has always been one of the most popular themes for dealers, artists and the general public, and at the beginning was one of the easiest to understand. In the world, in Egyptian, Greek and Roman art and later in the...
Leipzig Paintings from the Rubell Family Collection
     As some parts of Europe weren't in touch with the West, where abstraction literally destroyed the figurative art, in Western Europe and especially in the US , many East-European artists continued this tradition, finding and developping new ideas and techniques. In...
Cowboy Artists of America at the Phoenix Art Museum
The 42 nd edition of the Annual Cowboy Artists of America exhibition and Sale , hosted once again by the Phoenix Museum , is considered by collectors and art dealers to be one of the best Western American fine art events, as only few artists are able to capture the West in such a vivid and realistic manner. After the...
The Glory Days: New York Baseball 1947-1957
Baseball has always been one of the most popular sports in the United States of America , and New York is one of the most important "centres" of these fascinating and vivid world, built around the passion of the fans and the hard work of players. Between 1947 - 1957 New York City experienced a real "golden age" for baseball,...
Georges Seurat: The Drawings
       The Museum of Modern Art in New York is hosting, starting at the end of October 2007 an exhibition of drawings signed by one of the greatest European artists, Georges Seurat, whose style and creations influenced to a great degree 19 th and 20 th century art....
ANTEA by Parmigianino in New York
      "Antea" is considered by many to be the best work signed by Parmigianino, and starting on the 29 th of January 2008, at the Frick Collection in New York , this haunting and delicate portrait will be, for the first time in over two decades, presented in the US . On loan from...
Amazing Grace - Works from the Mullis Collection
The work of self-taught artist, who prove to be surprisingly talented, despite their lack of   traditional training, has always been fascinating both for the public and dealers. The Georgia Museum of Art is presenting until January 2008 a selection of 90 such works of art from the Mullis Collection, showcasing the creations of several...
Alvar Sunol : Contemporary Renaissance
The Albany Museum of Art in Georgia , USA , is hosting until the 1 st of December 2007 an exhibition dedicated to the works of Alvar Sunol, one of the most important and surprinsingly original contemporary Spanish artists, considered to be a strong voice in European art of today. Born in a small Catalan village, Montgat, near...
Russian Constructivist Photography
After the October Revolution, the Russian artistic circles witnessed the birth of a new avant-garde movement, Constructivism, which was at the same time an artistic practice and the expression of a new relationship between the artist and society. One of the most interesting fields for Constructivism was photographic art, as the...
The Classical Past in Drawings and Etchings
       The drawings and etchings of the Renaissance and Baroque are the stars of the latest exhibition opened at the Bakersfield Museum of Art in California , USA , until the 18 th of November 2007. "Rebirth of the...
Glass Beads of Ghana
"Glass Beads of Ghana" is, for those who are interested in African art, a major event, for it is the first show which examines in great detail this important, yet overlooked form of art, which is also a great example of the creativity and talent of popular artists. This exhibition focuses mainly on neew, contemporary creations of this...
imagining/imaginando guatemala
The Art Museum of the Americas in Washington DC is hosting until the 25 th of November 2007 an exhibition presenting the image of Guatemala in photographs made in 185 0 -2006, taken from the from the CIRMA collection. It is an unique and impressive presentation of how the photographic art and through it the general image of Guatemala...
Yvonne Twining Humber at the Frye Art Museum
       The New York born Yvonne Twining Humber (1907-2004) was a tallented and rather influential artist of the last century, working at first as a easel painter for the Works Progress Administration Federal Art Project in Boston , from 1935 to 1943. Her compositions, in the...
The Baroque World of Fernando Botero
       Fernando Botero, one of the best known contemporary Colombian artists, is a painter, sculptor and draftsman who has gained his reputation with his baroque and humorous compositions. These strange, amusing and profoundly personal works combine in an inspired manner the...
Masterpieces from the British Museum at the Hong Kong MOA
The collections kept at the British Museum have always been a legend and a mistery for art lovers all around the world, due to their number, diversity, quality and value. So any museum or gallery around the worls which has the chance of exhibiting works on loan from the prestigious British institution is, at the very least, lucky....
John Fery Exhibition at the Hockaday Museum of Art
The Hockaday Museum of Art is hosting a long term exhibition dedicated to one of the most tallented, yet sadly rather unknown American artists, John Fery (1859 - 1934), best remembered today for his impressive landscapes depicting the US nature.        John Fery was born...
Roy Lichtenstein Prints 1956-1997
       Roy Lichtenstein has always been one of the great names in the Pop Art movement, for many surpassed only by the legendary Andy Warhol. An original and tallented artist, with a distinct style and impressive creative universe, Lichtenstein has created a great number of works,...
An Exhibition Chosen by the Director
For almost two decades, M.J. Albacete has been the director of the Canton Museum of Art, supervising exhibitions, events, loans, deciding on the buyings and sellings of works of art. Over the years Albacete has seen the works of many artists who live in Ohio , having his favourites. To mark the anniversary of his two decade directorate, the...


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