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Five Facts About David Duchovny 1. David Duchovny is famous all around the world as Fox Mulder in the X-Files series (a true phenomenon of the 90s) and for playing Hank Moody in the sometimes controversial and always... 0 Comments
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Five Facts About David Duchovny

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World Facts
The longest national anthem in the world is the Greece's, as it has no less than 158 stanzas which were written by Dionysios Solomos, a famous Greek poet. In 2011 Aimee Davison spent 10,000 dollars a piece of art which was non-visible. Literally nothing. But bearing the title Fresh Air.  Eight of the largest ten statues in the...
Secrets of Famous Movies
In Terminator 2 you can see not only Linda Hamilton, but also her twin (actually identical twin) Leslie in several scenes. And no, Humphrey Bogart never says "Play it again, Sam" in Casablanca . This must be one of the most famous false quote in cinematic history. In Rocky 4 Stallone challenged Dolph Lundgren to hit him...
Great Live Performances
The final Beatles live public performance took place on January 30th 1970 on the very roof of the headquarters of the Apple Corps corporation, and to a large degree was more of an impromptu concert. The Fab Four were working at the time on their Get Back project, the sessions meaning to bring them back to their much earlier devotion and energy,...
Four Romanian Museums
1. The Clock Museum in Ploiesti is a one of a kind museum not only in Romania, but in the whole of Europe, as the only place dedicated solely to this fragile and fascinating instruments of counting and telling of time. Having over a thousand clocks and watches of all kinds in it's collection - only a small part can be part of the permanent...
The Secrets of Celebrities
Actor George Clooney has a pet pig named Max, a 300 lbs Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, whom he named often his best friend and the longest relationship he ever had. Clooney had bought the pig as a pet for his then girlfriend, Kelly Preston, and when the couple split up he chose to keep it. Woody Allen worked as a stand-up comedian for several...
Unusual Facts From World History
Despite what his adversaries said at the time - and his detractors later - Napoleon wasn't in reality as short as you might think. Actually he was above the average height for Frenchmen at the time. You didn't want to harm, in any way, a cat in Ancient Egypt. Considered to be a sacred animal, killing it, even by accident, meant simply the...
Video Games History
The original title for Minecraft was Cave Game. Toru Iwatani created Pac-Man, one of the most famous and iconic video game characters, while eating a pizza. Hence the form of the hero. Do you like Plants vs Zombies? The first game of the succesful series was initially called Lawn of the Dead, a tribute to the movies by George A. Romero....
Maybe You Didn't Know: Thailand
The city of Bangkok has a ceremonial name that is simply too long to be true, but it is the official one: Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit. Simply impossible to say or spell. But the name of the country in...
10 Facts About Coffee
1. According to legends coffee was discovered by some goat herders in 9th century Ethiopia, after their discovered what effect the berries had on their flock after being eaten. Then some monk made the berries into a drink and thus a long history was born. Or it could just be another story. 2. Statistics say that every year we drink over 500...
10 Facts About Mozart
1. His baptism name was actually Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. Actually the now famous Amadeus - mainly due to Forman's brilliant movie - is the Latin translation of the Greek Theophilus, meaning "love of God". His nickname was Wolfie. 2. In his early years Mozart enjoyed a huge popularity as a child prodigy,...
Unusual Facts About New Zealand
1. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand, but in the country she is represented by the Governor General. He or she has the duty of ratifying all laws. It was all the way in 1642 that the first Europeans discovered New Zealand, and it wasn't such a happy event, for Abel Tasman, the first courageous explorer, had to leave the new land in a...
Welcome to Japan
1. Do you love anime? Huge not only in Japan but all around the world, this animated phenomenon accounts for more than half of what we mean by "animation entertainment". There are so many shows and fans that in Japan there are more than 120 schools for voice-acting. A place where you can go and learn to provide the voices for your favourite...
Facts and Stories About Norway
1. The formal name of the country is Kingdom of Norway, or Kongeriket Norge, and it's national symbol is the mighty lion. 2. Norway seems the place to live and raise a family, if you can get used to the harsh weather. On 2014, in the so-called Prosperity Index, Norway was number 1 when it came to wealth and well-being. This is better than any...
Five Famous Graphic Novels
1. Watchmen by Alan Moore An alternate history, costumed superheroes in the Cold War, mankind closer and closer to it's final nuclear hour, a graphic novel written by the one and only Alan Moore, nowadays a cult title which has been controversial, influential and by all means huge. Some even say that Watchmen is the most important graphic...
10 Facts About China
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } 1. It is the most populous country in the world, with over 1.38 billion people. It has the largest standing army. In fact according to statistics one in every five people is Chinese, and the numbers are on the rise. It is considered to be the oldest continuous civilization, dating back...
Peru Facts
1. The capital of Peru is Lima, which was actually established in 1535 by no other that Francisco Pizarro, a conquistador and explorer of legendary statute. Nowadays Lima is the 5th largest city of the Americas (both North and South America), also has the oldest university in the Americas, the National University of San Marcos. This prestigious...
Facts and Figures About Chile
1. There are several theories about the name, but the most popular one is that it comes from a word, “chilli”, which in the language of the indigenous Mapuche meant “where the land ends”. 2. If you had to chose the only one place to visit in Chile, by all means chose Valparaiso, a beautiful city, full of energy and...
How Well Do You Know Argentina?
1. What's in a name... Even if you are already familiar with the name of the country, one can not but wonder where it came from. Actually, it is an old denomination, as before being thoroughly explored the European colonists believed not only that it had huge deposits of silver, but there was also a whole mountain made out of silver. And since the...
The Story of the Fortified Church of Bazna
There are about 150 fortified churches in Transylvania, and several of these have already been selected for the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List, as they still remain impressive works of architectural art, quite a few of them wonderfully preserved or restored. Some of them have fascinating stories, from a time and age when this villages and...
The Romanian Kitsch Museum in Bucharest
A glass fish, which was customary to be places on the old fashioned TV set, and was also a very popular gift. Unfortunately. Dracula and several old newspapers, pieces of ancient furniture (of no real artistic or collectible value) and the usual china trinkets that you could have found, not long ago, in many Romanian homes. Produced in mass...
Weird Laws From All Around the World
1. Don't you dare to forget your wife's birthday in Samoa. Believe it or not it is against the law. And punishable by a hefty fine. 2. Do you like pigs as pets? True, it is a rather recent fashion imposed by several celebrities, but if you like it... Do not name the pig Napoleon in France, nevertheless. And don't think you could ever bring...
The Beach Boys - Five Facts About
1. As with many of the famous bands from that time the Beach Boys was not the first chosen name. Not even the second. They used Kenny and the Cadets, then changed it to Carl and the Passions, finally settling to the Pendletones. Only after a while they decided to once again chose a new name, and mainly because they really liked the beach and the...
The Dark Tower Trailer is Here
It has been a long, a very long time, and surely many fans had lost all hope, but the trailer for the Dark Tower movie is finally online. Starring Idris Elba as Roland Deschain and Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black, the movie is directed by Nikolaj Arcel and the trailer has already started several theories, discussions and even arguments among...
Facts and Firsts About the Rolling Stones
1. The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were more or less rivals, at least officially, but this rivalry proved to be a creative and beneficial one, as each band seemed to try to write a better song or album than the other. Actually, the members of the two bands ended being rather good friends, which didn't mean that the innuendoes and jokes ever...
Little Known Facts About Well Known Cities
Did you know that the symbol of Warsaw is a mermaid? According to local legends the mermaid was one day swimming in the Vistula River, when she was captured by a rich and evil merchant. As he wanted to keep the mermaid as a strange collector's item, she started crying and begging to be released. In the end a brave fisherman released the mermaid -...
Queen Will Release Queen in 3-D
More good news for Queen fans at the beginning of summer 2017. Following the release of the long-awaited BBC sessions and expecting the Queen Monopoly game (another surprise which has been... unoficially anounced) Queen listeners will be treated on May 25th with a new book about the band. Titled Queen in 3-D , the massive hardcover book will be,...
What You Didn't Know About Famous Cities of the World
It's good to be a kid in Singapore on October the 1st. Every year on this date those who are less than twelve years old are celebrated, and is customary to receive a good helping of sweets and candy. You also get a day off school on the Friday of that week, so it is a little like your birthday. A holiday which should be adopted by many other...
Pink Floyd Release Surprise Atom Heart Mother Live Recording
The huge and impressive box set The Early Years 1965 - 1972 (no less than 27 discs) released in November 2016 seems to have only started a comprehensive list of surprises coming from legendary band Pink Floyd, as the fans discovered on the official YouTube channel a 15 minute live recording of Atom Heart Mother. Shot on August 8 1970, when the...
Facts and Figures About Famous Cities
In Hong Kong there are actually more skyscrapers than in New York. Hong Kong it the city which holds the world record for the number of skyscrapers, over 7800. And among them about 1300 are more than 100 meters tall, while the all time record is the International Commerce Centre - 484 meters high. And as you might have thought the city also has a...
Did You Know That? Strange Facts and Firsts
According to researchers, zebras are white with black stripes, and not the other way around. New York was once named New Amsterdam, as it was a Dutch colony, conquered by the English in 1664. It's new name was dedicated to the Duke of York, the future King James II. Walt Disney still holds the record for most Academy Awards - 26 out...


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Recommended News

Five Facts About David Duchovny Five Facts About David Duchovny
1. David Duchovny is famous all around the world as Fox Mulder in the X-Files series (a true phenomenon of the 90s) and for playing Hank Moody in the sometimes controversial and always ...
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Five Facts About Leipzig Five Facts About Leipzig 1. Leipzig made media history in 1650, when it was the city where the very first newspaper was published. The work of Timotheus Ritzsch, a printer and book merchant who wanted to present the news of the day, Einkommende Zeitungen was published four days a ... Alte destinatii: Did You Know? Facts About Switzerland Five Interesting Facts About Beijing The Neamt Citadel The Warley Museum. Maybe the Smallest One Strange Laws From All Around the World + Places to go