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Five Facts About David Duchovny 1. David Duchovny is famous all around the world as Fox Mulder in the X-Files series (a true phenomenon of the 90s) and for playing Hank Moody in the sometimes controversial and always... 0 Comments
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Five Facts About David Duchovny

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The Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania
  Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania, also known as the House of the People before the revolution from '89, measures 270 meters by 240 meters, is 8 meters high and 92 below ground. It has 12 floors above ground and 8 below.   The Palace of the Parliament building is located in the central part of Bucharest, on the...
The list of UNESCO world heritage in Romania
                    By the convention approved in 1972, "Convention of the Protection of World Heritage Cultural and Natural", the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) intends to protect the the cultural and natural...
The Memorial House Old Ion Roata
       The memorial house Mos Ion Roata was inaugurated on January 24, 1959, during Centenary Unification of Romanian Principalities, in the house where Ion Roata lived, in Gura Vaii,  which is displaced to the road that connects the city Panciu to Soveja resort.   The house includes objects...
The house on the hill
        The house on the hill , at number 68, Ion Creanga street, in Falticeni, was built after the plans of the Romanian writer Mihail Sadoveanu on the place which he bought from a farmacist's doughter. Sadoveanu lived at this place between 1909 and 1918. "Once arrived home I'm thinking...
The Memorial House Ion Luca Caragiale
Founded through the combined efforts of personalities  of culture, the house built in rustic style in the memory of the great Romanian writer Ion Luca Caragiale shelters written testimonies of life and activity of the great playwright born in Haimanale, village of  Ploiesti city neighborhood.   The museum presents to visitors...
The memorial museum of the Romanian writer Alexandru Vlahuta
 Located in Vrancea county, Romania, in Dragosloveni town, the memorial museum Alexandru Vlahuta is a place full of history and meaning for the Romanian literature. In the span of his stay in Dragosloveni, many great Romanian writers where guests of his home. The memorial museum was esigned and inaugurated in 1958 when was celebrated...
Hearts Festival in Park of Roses, Timisoara    The Hearts Festival reached to the twentieth edition which will take place from 1 june to 5 june 2009, in the dedicated location: Park of Roses , Timisoara ( Romania).   At the event will participate folklore ensembles from Georgia, Germany, Netherlands, Macedonia, Mexico, Serbia,...
Sighisoara Citadel
       The Sighisoara Citadel from Romania is the old center of Sighisoara town. The Citadel was build in the 12th century by Saxon colonists, 850 years ago.   The visitors who will come here will have the oportunity to see the birthplace of Vlad III the Impaler, nown in the world as count Dracula. In...
The Cross of the Nation Heroes
    The name of the monument is The Cross of the Nation Heroes but in popular language is also called the Cross on Caraiman.The cross was built at the initiative of Queen Mary and King Ferdinand I of Romania, the main purpose being the one to be seen from a large distance.   The legends tell that the monument was built...
The Romanian Black Sea charm
  If you prefer the sea instead the mountains, the Black Sea from Romania can be a nice place for a holiday. If you enjoy lying on the beach and you surely like to watch the beautiful waves of the sea or if you desire adventures, this place is the right place for you. Even if you come with your friends or family the Romanian...
The cave of Dambovicioara
 Located in the southern part of the Massif Stone of Craiului, the Rucar - Dambovicioara area is characterized by a karst relief varied and spectacular.   The rivers that descend from Fagaras Mountains, Stone of Craiului and Leaota, were digging in limestones narrow and deep valleys that are now the largest group of keys in...
Fortress of Ponor
 No doubt, the fortress of Ponor is the most grandiose and Karstic formation in Romania, known around the world for beauty and unicity.   At first sight the tourists that visit the area remain stunned by the beauty of the nature that cotributes with another wonder tot the entire collection of the Earth's natural miracles. The...
Lotrului Mountains, a paradise on earth
 These mountains are located in the central part of the Carpathians. Their altitude ascent to 2242 meters, and they are strongly fragmented by Lotru river and his tributaries.   The mountains of Lotrului are covered with forests of spruce in mixture with beech and extensive alpine pastures on crests that reach over 1800 meters...
The National Park Retezat, natural reservation in Romania
The National Park Retezat is the most sublime and complex mountain from all geographical areas of Romanian Carphatian Mountains.   These mountains are a subsistem of the Alps-Himalaya System ant they are divided in provinces and subprovinces.   The charm of the National Park Retezat consists in the existence of a...
Maramures County
Maramures, county in the Transilvania region of Romania,  in traditional culture terms comprises four distinct zones: Chioaru Country, Lapus Country,  Maramures Country and Codru Country. At these four areas we can add the Metropolitan Zone Baia Mare. Maramures is an administrative unit formed after the Great Union, in...
String Street, the narrowest street in Europe ?
String Street , in Brasov, with a width about 120 cm, is certainly the most narrow street in the city and some say that would be the narrowest street in Europe.   Situated in the central area of the city, between the Stag's Street and Schei Gate, is documentary attested from XVII century as a simple passage for firefighters....
Horezu Monastery
  Horezu Monastery, considered a representative monument of 17th century architecture, included in world cultural heritage list of UNESCO, is the most important monastery built by Constantin Brancoveanu voivod, between 1688-1714. The Monastery had a special place in the history of Romanian architecture, known for the...
Tismana Monastery
Tismana Monastery is one of the oldest and most important monastires in Romania. Located on a rock   edge, at 40 m hight, was originally built of wood   in 1370   by Nicodim monck, during the reign of Vladislav I. Building stone walls began in 1377 and ended in 1385. The monastery was painted in 1564  ...
Felix Bath
  Felix Bath resort is located in Bihor County, in northwest of Romania, near the Oradea city, at 9 km distance of Oradea   and 22 km of Bors, border checkpoint to Hungary. Felix Bath is situated at 150 m altitude, the climate is moderate, with mild winters. The settlement, dating...
Old Timisoara
  Baroque Palace , a former government building, constructed in 1754, called County House, has two floors and an attic.  Two beautifull entrance in Viennese Baroque style impress. After restoration, here was the art department of the Banat Museum. Long time, between 1779-1848, as the County House, the palace...
Huniad Castle and Dicasterial Palace in Timisoara
Huniad Castle was built by King Carol Robert of Anjou, after his visit in Timisoara, in 1307. The King   has decided to set up the residence here. Probably, the building was built by Italian builders, is finished in 1315 and in 1316 King was already established in the new castle, where he lived almost eight years....
Constanta, the old city of Tomis
Museum of Archeology Constanta     Constanta city presents the most important values of material and spiritual culture of the old Tomis and numerous other discoveries in the territory of Dobrogea county. In the museum’s courtyard are exposed sarcophagus dating from sec. I-III, bases and...
The Carpathian Castle
Bran Castle     Transylvania, Romanian region located in the central part and in north-west of the country, has a great relief : beautifull mountains, the Transylvanian plateau and plain.   There is Brasov city, at the foot of the mountain Tampa (967 m). Here the visitors can see...
What means Romania ?
Romania means Nadia Comaneci, art in gymnastique, Ilie Nastase, art in tennis,  Gheorghe Hagi, art in football.   Nicolae Tonitza painting   Romania means Constantin Brancusi , the great sculpturer with his Birds in Space or the painter...
The Beer Cart, a living legend for Bucharest
Caru 'cu Bere ( The Beer Cart ) is a living legend for Bucharest and one of the oldest tavern in the city, dating from 1879 in the old Zlatari Inn and after 20 years moved on Stavropoleus street, where there is today. Nicolae Mircea, from Medias City, made the entire history of The Beer Cart. The atmosphere is...
The Chamber Choir Preludiu
From its appearance until now the Chamber Choir Preludiu  was  on an upward path, which has strengthened with each concert, year after year, the prestige of choir. Always regenerate, from the status of amateur choir at professional status, "Preludiu" has a special contribution to the transmission of artistic...
Royal and Sovereign Houses in Europe
- Anhalt: House of Ascania  - Sweden : House of Bernadotte  - Grand Ducal House of Hesse ( Brabant )  - The Royal House of Hanover and Ducal House of Brunswick (House of Brunswick - Luneburg )  - The Royal House of Spain -   The Capetian Dynasty...
Belgium. Leopold III.
Leopold III, the first born of King Albert I, becomes king after the death of his father, in 1934, in a difficult period when the world is in great economic crisis and political tension.   On the 10 th of May 1940, the German troupes invade the country and the king is obliged to capitulate without putting any conditions.   This...
The Kingdom of Belgium
Despite all forecasts that kings were to be lost either to the darkness of history by the year 2000, or the wars bore by European Peoples that led to the extinction of many  monarchies,still, at the very beginning of the twenty first century, ten of the countries on this continent are constitutional monarchies led by heir...
King Frederik IX - The Kingdom of Denmark
Frederik IX, born on the 11 th of Mars 1899 at Sorgenfri castle, the price goes to Naval School and succeeds in obtaining the command of a Danish fleet. Besides his passion for the sea, Frederik is also fond of music: he runs the Royal House‚Äôs Orchestra and The Symphonic orchestra of the Danish Radio.    ...


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Recommended News

Five Facts About David Duchovny Five Facts About David Duchovny
1. David Duchovny is famous all around the world as Fox Mulder in the X-Files series (a true phenomenon of the 90s) and for playing Hank Moody in the sometimes controversial and always ...
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