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Coypel Noel-Nicolas


Noel-Nicolas Coypel (17 November 1690 - 14 December 1734), French painter.

He was from an artistic family, the second son of Noel Coypel, a rather succesful artist. He proved to be the most talented of the two sons, but lacked the originality and ideas, and so he was aleays in the shadow of Antoine, his successful stepbrother. Coypel worked in a charming and popular style, producing mainly mithological scenes, but failed to be a well-known artist.

His first teacher was his father, then Noel-Nicolas enrolled at the Academie Royale, becoming a full member in 1720. He always lacked the compositional talent and imagination needed, so most of his succesful works were actually remakes of other artists' canvases. Among those are Sacrifice of Isaac, inspired by a work with the same title by Antoine, or Arion and the Dolphin, after a composition made by Luis de Silvestre. Very talented, but also shy and insecure, he was largely ignored by his contemporaries, despite the quality of his works.


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