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Ozzy Osbourne Announces His Farewell Tour Legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne has recently announced his fans that his next world tour will also be his final one, as the Prince of Darkness will put an end to a carreer of over five decades.... 0 Comments
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Ozzy Osbourne Announces His Farewell Tour

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Italian Baroque Musical Instruments
It is the first time that a gallery or museum ever presents a selection of Italian Baroque musical instruments, and the Accademia Gallery is the lucky host of one of the most interesting exhibitions of 2007. Bringing together a wide and careful selection of musical instruments made in Italy in the Baroque age, the show is simply...
Neapolitean 17th century Painting at the Uffizi Gallery
The Uffizi Gallery is presenting a new exhibition, dedicated to the evolution and trends in Neapolitan art in the 17 th century, based on a selection of 38 works from the famous Medici collections, thus retracing and bringing back to life a major chapter in the history of Italian art. The 17 th century was a good time for the...
Religion in Ancient Greece.
     The world of Ancient Greece has fascinated mankind for centuries, as a model and main source of inspiration for artists and thinkers, and in the last years this interest didn't seem to fade away, as the number of exhibitions dedicated to this theme seemed larger. One of this show is being...
Patrick Hall Drawings at the IMMA
The Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin will open soon a new exhibition, dedicated to the drawings of Patrick Hall, considered to be one of the most important and influential of contemporary Irish artists. The curators have already selected around 100 drawings, from rather famous ones to newer creations, many of these never...
Max Beckmann Exhibition at the Hermitage
Although Max Beckmann is sadly rather unknown in Russia , the Hermitage Museum is hosting an exhibition dedicated to this original and important artist, presenting paintings, sculptures and graphics. Some of these are on loan from the Hamburg Kunsthalle, others come from various museums and private collections in Hambrug and...
Egyptian Sunken Treasures
The Egyptian civilisation has long been admired and imitated, since the Ancient times, but it seems that there is much more to be known, as the show hosted at the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland   proves. This time, curators have focused on several pieces, most of them real treasures, found underwater by...
Graphic Art in the Spotlight
After the museum opened it's new building in 2004, this is the third show hosted here, this one being dedicated to graphic arts. This time visitors have the chance of browsing through a rich selection of grahic artworks from the museum's own collections, which have around 15.000 works on paper, so a sellection was difficult to make....
Icon painters of Tsar Michael Romanov
      Hosted by the Patriarch's Palace, it is one the best exhibition ever presented at the Kremlin, dedicated to the Russian school of icon painting in the 17 th century, a major part of the genre's history. For this amazing show the curators have selected an impressive collection of...
Saint Sebastians by Guido Reni
      Guido Reni is one of the most important religious painters in history, famous for his compositions that in part have reinvented the genre, providing it with a new dimension. The Dulwich Picture Galle ry in London will host in 2008 an exhibition dedicated to Guido Reni,...
The Age of Enchantment
The Dulwich Picture Gallery in London will open in November 2007 a new exhibition, dedicated to an important chapter in the history of illustrated books, at the end of the 19 th century, focusing on the importance and role of the most important artists of the genre.  ...
Taking Space Group Exhibition
The Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro , England , will be the host of the new Taking Space show, starting on March 22 2008, thus continuing the tradition. Taking Space plays an important place in contemporary British art scene, as an art collective formed in   1993 in St Ives by three artists. It's main goal is to offer the...
Works from the George de Bellio Collection
      The Marmottan Monet Museum in Paris will open on the 10 th of October 2007 an exhibition showcasing some of the best works from the collection of Georges de Bellio, one of the most important art collectors of Romanian origin. Although he is largely unknown to the...
Universal Exhibitions at the Musee dOrsay
The Universal Exhibitions (Expositions Universelles) played a major role in the cultural history of Europe , and over the years became an important influence worldwide. It's history began in 1851, and slowly but surely the life and developments of great European capitals were influenced by it. The brilliant idea of a peaceful...
Jean Planque Collection at the Bilbao FAM
"Between Picasso and Dubuffet. The Jean Planque Collection" is the new exhibition hosted by the Fine Art Museum in Bilbao , starting on September 17, bringing together around 130 works from the legendary collection of Jean Planque (1910 - 1998), a Swiss art lover who was admired by his contemporaries for his passion of painting....
Two Centuries of Russian Litography
Until September 2007 the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg is hosting one of the few exhibitions dedicated to a little known, yet major part - of Russian art history : litography. In Russia litography was one of the most popular forms of art, mainly due to the low costs of the reproductions. Over time litography gained...
Biedermeier Style at the Louvre Museum
The Biedermeier style was a 19 th century trend that had it's origins into neoclassicism. In developped in Central Europe in 1815 - 1848, with great success and popularity, due to it's originality and it's key feature : the inspired merging of simple and imagination, something that had rarely been tried before. In just a few years...
Japanese Design
The Rohsska Museum in Gothenburg , Sweden , is hosting a new permanent exhibition, presenting a fine selection of artworks from the museum's collection of Japanese art, many of these of surprisingly and delicate beauty. The museum has long been famous for it's acquisitions of japonaiserie. Some of the best works come from...
Barcelona 1900
The van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam will be opening on the 21 st of September 2007 a new exhibition, "Barcelona 1900", dedicated to the presentation of the transformations and evollutions that forever changed the city, bringing it into the modern age, from the 1880 to 1909. It was a time when Barcelona dramatically changed, at first in...
Otto Dix at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
    Portraits have always played a major role in the creative world of Otto Dix, one of the most important modern artists, and his highly original and controversial works of the genre have found many admirers among critics and collectors. The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart will open in December an...
Remembering the Degenerate Art Campaign
The Sprengel Museum in Hannover is hosting since the 20 th of June 2007 a new exhibition, dedicated to the so-called "degenerate art campaign" organised by the Nazis in 1937, at a time when Hitler's regime was at the top of it's power. Trying to control and regulate the German art world, the Nazis banned many artists, "guilty" for being...
The Photographic Portrait Prize 2007
The famous National Portrait Gallery will once again be the host of the Photographic Portrait Prize, this time the 2007 edition, one of the most important events of this kind, promoting the best of contemporary portrait photography. This competition is open to all artists, regardless of the country, and throughout the years it has established...
French Masterpieces from the MET
Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin is presenting, since the first of June, the exhibition titled "Nineteenth-Century French Masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York", one of the best shows dedicated to this important chapter in art history ever presented in Germany . The curators of the show have on loan a number of...
Renaissance Siena : Art for a City
     On the 24 th of October 2007 the National Gallery in London will open a new exhibition, dedicated to the Renaissance art in Siena , the first chance for British art lovers to discover first hand the art, culture and political turmoil that marked the last century of existence of the...
Global Cities at the Tate Modern
The show "Global Cities", hosted by the Tate Modern in London , is a new and inteligent presentation of the changes that affect ten important and dynamic important cities of the world : Cairo , Istanbul , Johannesburg , London , Los Angeles , Mexico City, Mumbai, Sao Paulo , Shanghai and Tokyo . The artists selected for...
Sentiment in Victorian Prints & Drawings
      The Victorian Age brought a lot of changes to culture and especially arts, mainly by putting the accent on the presence and expression of sentiments and feelings, regardless of the medium, being a watercolour, a hastly sketch or...
British Painters of the Sea
The Penlee House Museum in Cornwall , UK , will host starting on the 15 th of March 2008 and ending on the 7 th of June 2008, an exhibition dedicated to the presence of maritime landscapes in 19 th century British art, focusing especially on the works and life of James Clarke Hook, considered to be the pioneer of this genre in the...
John Wells Centenary Display
    John Wells (1907 - 2000) was a very tallented and important British artist of the 20 th century, although is name is rather obscure even for art lovers. Despite of this unjust ignorance, his works are highly appreciated by critics and...
Lawrence Schiller Exhibition
For the first time the works of one of the most popular and tallented photographers of the last century are presented in Germany , at the Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art in Dusseldorf , until August 28 2007. Bringing together the finest examples of artistic photography signed by an iconic figure of the 1960's, the show is bound to...
Exhibition The Artists of "Die Brucke"
Vienna, Albertina Museum The Artists of "Die Brucke": The Collection of Hermann Gerlinger - until August 2007 June 1-August 26, 2007 Works from the collections of Hermann Gerlinger and other institutions describe the world of The Bridge, a group of German Expressionist artists, group  founded in 1905....
Three Picasso Works Recovered in France
After being stolen in February 2007, three important Picasso paintings were finally recovered by the French police, which has also placed the suspects in custody. The three compositions, estimated at around 69 million dollars, had been stolen from the Parisian home of Diana Widmaier Picasso, the Spanish master's granddaughter,   at the...


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