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Ozzy Osbourne Announces His Farewell Tour Legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne has recently announced his fans that his next world tour will also be his final one, as the Prince of Darkness will put an end to a carreer of over five decades.... 0 Comments
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Ozzy Osbourne Announces His Farewell Tour

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Vienna The date is already fixed 24-27 April 2008 at the MessezentrumWienNeu in the heart of Vienna. The VIENNA FAIR, with a focus on young art,  showcases the dynamic development of the international art scene, putting special emphasis on central and Eastern Europe.    
Disaster Relics: Selected Prints, Exhibition in Prague
Twenty works of art of Andy Warhol, the most famous representative of pop-art, can be seen  in the gallery of Kampa Museum in Sovovy Mlyny until 30 September. The exhibition presents Warhol's prints concerning disasters. Many of those prints were made at the beginning of the 1960s. His works also depict famous people such as Marilyn...
Andy Warhol Show in Edinburgh
The National Gallery Complex in Edinburgh , Scotland will open on the fourth of August 2007 an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Andy Warhol, the iconic leader of Pop Art. The show marks the passing of 20 years since the artist's death, in 1987, and one of the main sponsors in the Bank of Scotland. According to organisers, this...
Salvador Dali Exhibition - Tate Modern
Tate Modern Spectacular exhibition presents the great artist Salvador Dali -until 9 September 2007 The exhibition includes many of  Dali's most important paintings, including the iconic melting watches of The Persistence of Memory .  It also includes six mini-cinemas showing his most revered fims ( his...
First Contemporary Art Biennale of Thessaloniki
At it's first edition, the Contemporary Art Biennale of Thessaloniki has already proven to be a major art event in the Greek world, drawing not only several prestigious national artists, but also a great number of foreign participants.   The location is also interesting, as Thessaloniki is historically and extrovert city and...
Work, Rest and Play in Art
The way we live has always been a major part of artistic representantion, as the most popular subject in history, and the exhibition "Work, Rest & Play" hosted by the National Gallery in London until October 14 2007 is examining this theme in detail, by means of several works signed by great masters. The curators have chosen a great...
The Masters of Flemish Painting
Flemish art of the 15 th - 17 th century has always fascinated art lovers all around the world, marking a change in the history of painting. It was a time when names such as Bruegel, Rubens, Van Dyck became famous all around Europe , a time of development and evollution of the art language, techniques and themes. The Royal Collection...
Kutter and European Expressionism
   Part of the "Luxemboug et Grande Region 2007" manifestations, the exhibition "Kutter and the European Expressionism" is hosted by the National Museum of History and Art in Luxembourg , until the 19 th of August. Although his name is nowadays largely forgotten, Joseph Kutter (1894-1941) was the...
Picasso: Fired with Passion
The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh is hosting until the end of October one of the best exhibitions dedicated to the art of Pablo Picasso, presenting some of the finest works from a rather unknown phase in his career, between 1947 - 1961. Although it was not such a popular phase for the general audience, it was a time of...
Ikebana : Living Flowers of Japan
The art of Ikebana, which literally means "living flowers" has played for centuries a major role in the evolution of Japanese culture, being one of the most original and easy to be recognised Asian arts. Since the ancient times, Ikebana was regarded as an art, very difficult to master, and the best practicians oftne had several...
British Children Portraits
     "The Changing Face of Childhood" is an impressive exhibition, dedicated to the presence and developpement of children's portraits in British art in the 18 th century, soon to be opened at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London .   The show will present some of the best works of...
Fragonard at the Jacquemart-Andre Museum
After the passing of two centuries since the death of the great artist Jean-Honore Fragonard (1732 - 1806), the Jacquemart-Andre Museum presents one of the least known parts of his work - illustrations - through an impressive exhibition. The curators will be presenting a collection of one hundred illustrations made by the artist, from the...
Gustave Courbet Exhibition in Paris
Three decades after the last of the one man exhibition of Gustave Courbet, Paris is once again presenting an impressive retrospective of the works made by one of the most important, original and controversial of the 19 th century French artists. The main difference is that this time the curators have tried to present the works of Courbet in...
Treasures from the Schroder Collection
     The Schroder Collection is famous among the art lovers as one of the best and richest collections of Medieval and Renaissance works, made by silversmiths and goldsmiths, delicate masterworks in precious metals, many of them unique in the...
Van Gogh Drawings and Sketches
The fascination for drawing played a key role in Vincent van Gogh's career, as the artist firmly believed that only by truly mastering this difficult skill one could call himself a true artist, able to stand the test of time. Van Gogh drew relentlessly, every day, trying to capture what was important for him in the world around....
Indian Art at the British Museum
To celebrate the 60 th anniversary of Indian Independence, the British Museum in London is presenting one of the best exhibitions of Indian art ever held in Europe , an impressive panorama of this exotic and faraway country's painting traditions, over the centuries.   Curators have chosen an impressive number of works, ranging from...
Genghis Khan and his Heirs
The Hungarian National Museum in Budapest it's bringing to the present, in one of it's latest exhibitions, the power and legends of the Mongol Empire and it's powerfull and feared hordes, led by Genghis Khan. After successful presentations in Bonn, Munich, Schallarburg and Istanbul, the exbition "Genghis Khan and his Heirs"...
White Bird Gallery shows Robert Schlegel
Cannon Beach, Oregon - Robert Schlegel’s landscape based compositions reflect explorations of various Northwest landscapes. Through representational interpretations of objects and settings from haunting cities, small towns, and coastal estuaries, to valleys, hills and farmlands, the forms, color and shapes from nature and man-made structures...
Monkdogz Urban Art in Chelsea Gives You ~ HEAT
  New York City - Monkdogz Urban Art located at 547 West 27th Street in Chelsea New York is pleased to present "Heat the Next Tortured Genius II" an imagination driven juried exhibition involving 28 exciting artists from around the world. On exhibition From July 19 through August 11, 2007. Artists selected : Tamara Agapova (Russia),...
Carnegie Museum of Art presents ~ Rivane Neuenschwander
  Pittsburgh, PA - Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander’s Quarta-Feira de Cinzas/Epilogue (2006) on view in Carnegie Museum of Art’s Forum Gallery July 14:October 28, 2007, is a short video depicting ants carrying sugar-soaked pieces of confetti across the floor of a rainforest. Created in collaboration with Brazilian filmmaker...
It's definitely a bubble, but when it will burst is anybody?s guess
Almost by definition, bubbles, whether of soap, oil, water or art, eventually burst. So as art prices rocket ever more skyward with each auction, the word 'bubble” is heard ever more frequently: is the art market a bubble? Will it burst? When? All this is taken seriously enough that I was asked to give a talk on the subject on 2 June at the Harvard...
Images of Man Today at Arken Museum of Modern Art
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK.- The Arken Museum of Modern Art will presents Images of Man Today, on view through September 2, 2007. Today we are all unique! The individual takes centre stage as never before. From MySpace over politics’ cult of personality to TV entertain-ment where ordinary people pop up as the stars of tomorrow or suffer their homes...
Terracotta Warriors at the British Museum
The British Museum in London is hosting a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition, offering the chance of exploring one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the last century, the famous Terracotta Warriors from Xi'an province, China. The now famous terracotta figures, depicting with a terrifying accuracy an army of inanimate...
Impressionists by the Sea
The Royal Academy of Arts in London is the host of an impressive exhibition dedicated to the relationship between famous Impressionist artists and the sea, a major source of inspiration and place for relaxation for them. The curators have chosen several beach scenes, from the early 1860s to the 1870s, signed by great masters such as...
The Circus and Fair in the Art of Yeats
The strange and fascinating world of the circus and the travelling fairs has fascinated artists since the Middle Ages, even if then the artists were regarded to a certain degree with disdain. In the 19 th and 20 th century this subject made a strong comeback in the world of graphic arts, and it seems it is here to stay.   The...
Modigliani at the Thyssen-Bornemisza
One of the most important - and at the beginnings of his career controversial - figures of 20 th century art was Amedeo Modigliani (1884 - 1920), a brilliant artist, profoundly original, who used a personal and sensual style to create his easily recognisable compositions.   The Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza will be...
Dracula s Castle - For Sale
The famous Bran Castle , known also as Dracula's Castle, is being offered for sale by it's latest owner, Dominic of Habsburg. Although the price hasn't been made public, experts estimate the value of the famous castle at over 135 million dollars.   The royal family is hoping that a buyer will soon apear, one that would also...
Chinese Nuo Masks in Paris
At the Jacquemart-Andre Museum in Paris those interested in the Chinese religious rites have the unique chance of seeing more than a hundred antique masks, dating from the 16 - 18 th century, part of one of the most varied private collections of the genre. It is truly a journey into the heart of strange Chinese rituals, as these masks...
The Book of the Dead of Ramose
The Egyptian civilisation and especially the myths and legends that surround it have captivated European audiences since the 19 th centuries, and Egyptian artifacts have always been in high demand. Over the decades this interest has never declined, as more and more discoveries have been made and this unique and original civilisation has...
Gala at the Gala Dali Castle
The House-Museum Gala Dali Castle in Pubol will be hosting between 15 March - 31 December 2007 an exhibition of photographs depicting Dali's wife, lover and muse, the famous Gala, who has been the main influence and source of inspiration in the career of the most important Surrealist artist in history. The organisers have chosen a lot of...


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