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Elena Bissinger / artworks - in private collections

Inelul Pamantului Inelul Pamantului Oil on canvas 120cmx160cm
branduse si flori marunte branduse si flori marunte Oil on canvas 50cmx50cm
Primavara joaca-te cu mine Primavara joaca-te cu mine Oil on canvas 80cmx60cm
ochii din umbra ochii din umbra Oil on canvas 60cmx40cm
Carusel pentru delfini Carusel pentru delfini Oil on canvas 100cmx50cm
And-ul fluturelui And-ul fluturelui Oil on canvas 100cmx50cm
usi deschise catre vise usi deschise catre vise Oil on canvas 60cmx60cm
Timp unicat Timp unicat Oil on canvas 100cmx80cm
Inger dansand Bolero Inger dansand Bolero Oil on canvas 160cmx140cm
Se plimba ploaia Se plimba ploaia Oil on canvas 120cmx70cm
Cauta-ma printre ganduri Cauta-ma printre ganduri Oil on canvas 100cmx100cm
balada balada Oil on canvas 80cmx60cm
Ancora in vis Ancora in vis Oil on canvas 60cmx60cm
Clopotei si zurgalai Clopotei si zurgalai Oil on canvas 100cmx60cm
Baloane de sapun Baloane de sapun Oil on canvas 120cmx80cm
parada fluturilor parada fluturilor Oil on canvas 60cmx200cmx3cm
Ascultand Jazz Ascultand Jazz Oil on canvas 80cmx60cmx3cm
Aleea ursitoarelor Aleea ursitoarelor Oil on canvas 120cmx60cm
Ochiul Beiului Ochiul Beiului Oil on canvas 80cmx60cm
Pulsul pamantului Pulsul pamantului Oil on canvas 120cmx70cm
Talismanul fecioarelor Talismanul fecioarelor Oil on canvas 80cmx60cm
Jocul verii Jocul verii Oil on canvas 80cmx60cm
Cand ploaia rade cu noi Cand ploaia rade cu noi Oil on canvas 100cmx60cm
Aripi de toamna 1 Aripi de toamna 1 Oil on canvas 90cmx45cm
Hilaira fantomatis Hilaira fantomatis Oil on canvas 90cmx90cm
Iubiri tomnatice Iubiri tomnatice Oil on canvas 80cmx80cm
Sirenele Sirenele Oil on canvas 100cmx100cm
Masina de vise Masina de vise Oil on canvas 100cmx100cm
Armonii de primavara Armonii de primavara Oil on canvas 100cmx100cm
Coconul Coconul Oil on canvas 100cmx50cm


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