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Artist's Presentation Silvana Hristea

Birth place: Bucharest, Romania. Personal

2004 - Graduates the "Nicolae Tonitza" Fine Arts High School, Advertising Graphics Specialty, Bucharest, Romania.

2008 - Graduates the "Nicolae Grigorescu" National Fine Arts University, Graphics Section, Bucharest, Romania.

Personal exhibitions and activities:

1996 - National literary prize at the "Nature Stories" contest organized by TVR 1, Bucharest.
2001 - Special mention for sculpture, "My Universe" contest, during the social campaign "" organized by SODEXHO PASS Romania company, Bucharest.
2002 - Group exhibition, "Experimetre" organized at the Art Jazz Club, Bucharest.
2003 - Personal exhibition, "Incercari", Radio Difuziunea Romana, Bucharest.
2004 - Personal project. Ilustration of the poetry volume "Calatoare" of the georgian writer Zaira Samharadze, Bucharest.
2004 - Active participation at Mr. Marian Voicu's show from TVR1 about the artist's condition in Romania, Bucharest.
2005 - Illustration of a limited series of volumes (25) "Sonete" by Mihai Eminescu with the help of "Monitorul Oficial". Collective project organized in the National Fine Arts University, Bucharest, the celebration of 155 years from the poet's birth.

Exposed Artworks
Decorative Art - 7 artworks
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