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Artist's Presentation MIHAI PLĂVEȚI


High School Fine Arts Marin Sorescu Craiova.
University Constantin Brancusi Fine Arts Education Department- painter.
Master- painter, University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca .

I would graduate doctorate in painting in Italy or in USA ....
Courses, certificates and awards
5 Personal exhibitions of paintings (easel painting):
- 1996 aSpontaneitya, Artists Gallery, Craiova, Dolj county.
1997 aDark black world at the beginning of months whitea, Artists Gallery- Tg Jiu, Gorj county.
2001 aPortraitsa, Artists Gallery- Tg Jiu, Gorj county.
2003 aPortrait, spiritual, material, colora, Artists Gallery, UAP, Tg. Jiu, Gorj county.
2007 aRetrospectivea Artists Gallery- Tg. Jiu, Gorj county.
National and international exhibitions 1990 to 2009.
1992 aFine Arts high school graduationa- collective exhibition.
Each year from 1993 to 2008, annual salon aSacred Arta, in Tg. Jiu, Gorj county.
Annual show salon aBrAncusianaa in Tg. Jiu, Gorj county.
1993- 1997- aIconsa - Tg. Carbunesti, Gorj county.
1993- 2010- aGorj salon artistsa- Tg Jiu, Gorj county.
1994- 2010- aSalon d*Automnea Tg Jiu, Gorj county.
1995 - 2005aEminescu- national poeta, Eminescu Museum, Gorj county.
1999- aEclipsea- Tg. Jiu, Gorj county.
2005- 2008 aArghezi- national poeta, Home Arghezi, in Tg. Carbunesti, Gorj county.
From 2005 to 2008, paintings in the lobby colleagues hotel Gorj, in Tg Jiu, Gorj county, and in Cluj Napoca, Cluj county.
2006- 2008 aStudent Festa Constantin Brancusi University, Tg Jiu, Gorj county.
2008- University graduates exhibition aConstantin Brancusia, in Tg Jiu, Gorj county;
2008- Exhibition of Art and Design University graduates Cluj Napoca, in Cluj Napoca, Cluj county.
2008- aLandscapes in Austriaa, Brancusi Museum, Tg Jiu, Gorj county.
2009- aLandscapes across the Danube in Serbiaa, Brancusi Museum, Tg Jiu county.
2010 aColor and beautifula, Brancusi Museum, Tg Jiu, Gorj county.
4 national awards Constantin Brancusi.
2 degrees aArghezi- Romanian national poeta, - 2006 and 2008
2 prizes Sacred Art.
2 exhibitions just paintings, in France.
Numerous exhibitions with children in grades 5- 12. (just paintings).
National and international creative camps (Hobita- Gorj county- Romania, North East Cluj-Napoca- Cluj county- Romania, Greece, Austria, Serbia, France).


English: writing environment, read: forward; speaking: medium- advanced.


a easel painting, oil, tempera, acrylic (self-employed or employer).
a decoration of apartments, villas, houses, companies pictured or exterior design.
a I paint portraits of unknown people on command, or my friends to my exhibitions, paint nudes or semi-nudes, landscapes or still lifes, vase with flowers, or flowers, abstract art (non- figurative), original art.
Apart from portraits and nude, etc., he also painted icons.

Exposed Artworks
Decorative Art - 1 artworks
Painting - Graphics - 93 artworks


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