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Bruce Springsteen Facts 1. In the official video for Glory Days you can see both Bruce's first wife, Julianne Phillips, and his second and current wife, Patti Scialfa. 2. During decades of touring The Boss has... 0 Comments
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Bruce Springsteen Facts

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Five Facts About Prague
1. The Prague Castle is maybe the most famous, impressive and visited of the city's sights, and according to the Guiness Book of World Records it is the largest ancient castle in the whole world, being actually a complex of buildings covering over 70,000 square meters. Starting as a wooden fortress, the huge ensemble might seem today more of a small...
Welcome to Norway
1. The capital of Norway is the place where the Nobel Peace Prize takes place each year (of course, over the course of history there have been some exceptions, although few in number) starting with 1901. White the Peace Prize is being presented here all the others are awarded in Stockholm, in Sweden. So when it comes to Literature, Chemistry,...
Five Times "Bohemian Rhapsody" Disregarded Queen History
" Bohemian Rhapsody ", the long-awaited Queen biopic that was first talked about many, many years ago, has finally hit theaters all around the world. And at first it has proven to be a box-office success, selling surprisingly well and proving once again that Queen is among the bands that don't lose their appeal and charm the older they...
Five Facts About Israel
1. The official languages in Israel are Hebrew (spoken by over five million people here) and Arabic (used by a minority). Also many of the Israeli citizens speak English, so you shouldn't have much trouble when visiting the country, buying something in a shop or simply asking for directions. 2. Albert Einstein was once offered the presidency...
Five Facts About Ed Sheeran
1. He is not only a guitar collectors, but genuinely cares about his instruments and has even given them names, such as Trevor, Lloyd, Nigel, Felix, James II, Cyril and the list goes on. Most of the names chosen are those of his crew. 2. In 2009 Ed Sheeran established a shocking live record as over the course of a single year he managed to...
Four Fun Facts About Costa Rica
1. Once you come to Costa Rica you must try the national dish, actually a side-dish which still enjoys a huge popularity, and that is the gallo pinto. A mixture of beans, rice, peppers, onions and spices, it is surprisingly good and can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. While the gallo pinto (by the way the name is translated as the "speckled...
Five Facts About Belgium
1. Today it is one of the most populated countries in the world, as about 320 persons fit into a single square kilometre. It is also on second place when it comes to granting citizenship to immigrants, being surpased only by Canada. And if you plan to move here you should know that the country has no less than three official languages, that is...
Welcome to New Zealand
1. New Zealand has made the Guiness Book of World Record with the longest name for a town. Anywhere. It is not only absurdly long, but impossible to say and surely just as hard to spell. The name is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu. And no, it is not an error or a joke. 2. When it comes to official languages New...
Five Facts About Bolivia
1. The country has over 30 official languages. Yes, there is no mistake here, over 30, a real record. While the most popular indigenous languages are still Quechua and Aymara, Spanish remains the most used one. There are regions where you could find small communities, using their dialects that are threatened to disappear in the near future. 2....
Five Facts About Turkey
1. Looking for a seaside holiday that you most certainly won't forget? Then choose the Turquoise Coast, almost 1000 miles of Mediterranean Turkish shore, with some of the best beaches in the region and several places where you can visit the old cities now mostly turned to ruins. A summer holiday and a history lesson, what more could you want?...
Five Facts About Taiwan
1. This island nation's official name is Republic of China, which might confuse some people as it is fairly close to it's huge neighbour, the People's Republic of China. It also borders to Japan and the Philippines, it's official language is Standard Chinese Mandarin, and the currency it the Taiwan New Dollar. According to the most recent data...
Second Trailer for "Bohemian Rhapsody" Was Released
While it might have been a long time since this project was first announced - and for Queen fans it must have seemed like forever - finally the second trailer for " Bohemian Rhapsody ", the surprising movie about Freddie Mercury and one of the greatest bands ever, has been released. If the first trailer was shorter and rather scarce when...
Did You Know? Five Facts About David Garrett
1. David Garrett first discovered the violin when he was only four and his older brother received the instrument as a gift. David was simply fascinated by the violin and spent hours just touching it and playing with it, so very soon he began the real training. His very first teacher was actually his father, Georg Bongartz, who wasn't just a musician...
Five Facts About Gal Gadot
After being chosen as the next Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot became of the favourite for comics fans worldwide, as she managed to create a character that was both tough as nails and very charismatic and delicate, a tough job for any actress. And fans of superheroes are some of the most stubborn and dedicated in the world, so it was quite an achievement to...
Watchmen Published For the Very First Time in Romania
One of the most famous graphic novels of all times, Watchmen, was finally published for the very first time in a Romanian translation, marking a real event for the fans of the genre. But having Watchmen in Romanian in your collection - something that surely not many would have thought possible some years ago - is a great sign for the future of the...
Five Facts About Dave Gahan
1. Known worldwide as the voice of Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan has been with the band for several decades. He is a singer, songwriter - with two very good solo albums so far - and several colaborations with other bands and artists, including two records with Soulsavers. Born in 1962, Dave Gahan is nowadays of the most popular and succesful British...
Seven Facts About Bulgaria
1. The roses industry is key part of the Bulgarian economy, and the wonderful roses are also one of the major export items. Maybe even the most important, as they account for more than three thirds of the world's production of rose oil. And without the rose oil you wouldn't have most of the expensive and famous perfumes of today. 2. It is also...
Facts About Tim Burton
1. Do you remember the scene in " Charlie and the Chocolate Factory " in which several squirrels are checking and cracking nuts? Well, Tim Burton wanted it to be as real as possible, so they trained 40 squirrels for several weeks, and the end result (with minimal CGI) is the one you can enjoy in the movie. While it might have seemed...
Tom Hanks Facts
1. He is a serious collector of vintage typewriters and owns about 100 of them. Tom Hanks even uses them for writing, ranging from notes and letter to his very first book, a short stories collection, which was very well received by critics and fans alike. 2. Tom Hanks is a long time fan of the Doctor Who television series. He is also a fan of...
Five Al Pacino Facts
1. Al Pacino didn't want Michelle Pfeiffer to play the role of Elvira in Scarface, now one of the most famous movies featuring the actor. In fact his first choice was Glenn Close, yet the producers had faith the in the virtually unknown actress, and in the end it was the right choice. 2. He was nominated for the coveted Academy Awards no less...
Five Facts About Opera
1. The term itself comes from the Latin "opus", meaning work. So think about this the next time you go to the opera or listen to your favourite aria in the privacy of your own home. 2. There are several types of opera. You talk about Grand opera when all is set to music, but when it is comical and funny you are enjoying the Opera...
Three Board Games You Need to Buy If You Love Art
1. Pastiche Published in 2011, this elegant and colourful game wants you to discover 34 of the greatest European works of art and in a way making them yourselves. Think of it as an art history lesson which covers about 600 years of painting, and you are nearly there. Wonderfully presented, rich in detail and graphical elements, Pastische...
Six Facts About Guillermo del Toro
1. He began making home movies using his father's Super 8 camera when the future film director was just eight years old. He would experiment and create short stories using toys, vegetables (even a killer potato, as he remembered later) and everything he could have thought of. In his own words it was the best beginner's movie school one could hope...
Seven Facts About Phil Collins
1. The musician is an expert when it comes to the Battle of Alamo, a tragic and major event in US history. Phil Collins not only wrote a book about it, but also collects memorabilia and documents about the Alamo, and has donated a large part of these to a Texas museum. 2. He started playing drums when he was only five, but would end up joining...
Famous Collectors of Unusual Things
Have you ever seen Elton John live, on stage, singing and putting on a show nobody could ever forget? What may be surprising is that the musician is not a fan of modern technology. No computers or tablets for him, but bring him a pair of glasses, as colourful and outrageous as possible, and he would be really happy. According to Sir Elton John...
Did You Know? Facts About Versailles
1. The future palace was initially no more than a hunting lodge, used by Louis XIII due to the fact that the region was ripe with game. So the king bought a chateau and lived there from time to time, when he came on hunting trips. But nobody could have imagined that later the former chateau would become a modern day wonder. The "guilty" one...
Queen and Adam Lambert Will Be Back On the Road
Queen and Adam Lambert will embark in a new European tour starting this summer, in June, although many of their old and young fans thought that they had had enough with touring and concerts. After two world tours which were succesfull beyond the most optimistic expectations, with many sold-out shows (2014-2015 and 2017-2018) Brian May and Roger...
Five Lego Facts and Stories
1. What does LEGO actually mean? Well, the founder of the company, the one and only Ole Kirk Christiansen, simply started from "leg godt", in Danish meaning "play well", and putting together the first letters he came upon the now legendary name - Lego. So it is simply Play Well, which doesn't have quite the same ring to it. And in...
Elton John Announces Farewell Tour
After more than five decades in the spotlight and over 300 million records sold worldwide, Elton John has recently announced that he will embark this year on his final tour, starting in September in the USA. The " Farewell Yellow Brick Road " tour will be a worthy goodbye from the artist to his fans, as it will have no less than 300 shows...
Three Lost Books by Three Famous Writers
1. Several novels by L. Frank Baum Famous today for the Oz series (14 titles in all) which are among some of the best loved children books ever, Baum was also a prolific author (and for a time a theatre owner) who publised several novels, short stories, poems and also wrote several plays. Yet he seemed to be followed by bad luck, as several of...


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Recommended News

Bruce Springsteen Facts Bruce Springsteen Facts
1. In the official video for Glory Days you can see both Bruce's first wife, Julianne Phillips, and his second and current wife, Patti Scialfa. 2. During decades of touring The Boss has ...
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Five Facts About Leipzig Five Facts About Leipzig 1. Leipzig made media history in 1650, when it was the city where the very first newspaper was published. The work of Timotheus Ritzsch, a printer and book merchant who wanted to present the news of the day, Einkommende Zeitungen was published four days a ... Alte destinatii: Did You Know? Facts About Switzerland Five Interesting Facts About Beijing The Neamt Citadel The Warley Museum. Maybe the Smallest One Strange Laws From All Around the World + Places to go