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Five Facts About David Duchovny 1. David Duchovny is famous all around the world as Fox Mulder in the X-Files series (a true phenomenon of the 90s) and for playing Hank Moody in the sometimes controversial and always... 0 Comments
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Five Facts About David Duchovny

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Mircea Baniciu, Phoenix and Pasarea Colibri bands
Foto:   - Mircea Baniciu was born in Timisoara, on 31 July 1949, in a sunny Sunday. He had a happy childhood in the neighborhood near the student complex from Timisoara, fact that influenced the rest of his life. He went to school at seven years and he could not tell he liked it to much.   However, as a...
Morandi, represented by Marius Moga and Andrei Ropcea
Foto: - Marius Moga does not need any long introduction. At only 23 years old he is covering more than 70% of the Romanian music market. According to the Musicalists and Composers Union - the Association of Copyright, Marius Moga is the second composer in a list with the highest receipts from copyright. Moga is the most...
Fly Project, the band of the moment
Foto:   - The Romanian music market started to fly to a high altitude in a universe of of fun and joy, in the same time with the release of the debut album named simple and suggestive, Fly Project . The band made the debut in the summer of 2005, with the song Raisa .   Fly Project means Tudor Ionescu and...
Antract band from Romania
F oto:   - The founding member of the band is Bobita Catusanu. Antract was founded in 1984 and the first name was Mini-Paradox because their ativities took place under the guidance of a rock band named Paradox, from Ramnicu Valcea, Romania.   The band had also another name, Zig-Zag, when took place...
The history of the Romanian rock band Holograf
  - In 1978, Mihai Pocorschi, Eugen Sonia, Cristian Lesciuc, Boris Petrof and Radulescu Stefan founded the Romanian band Holograf . Two years later, Edi Petrosel and Tino Furtuna joined the band, remaining until today in the formation.   Tino Furtuna, Edi Petrosel and Mihai Pocorschi, with other two singers from Craiova,...
Nico, a great voice from Romania
    - Born on February 1 in Ploiesti county, Romania, Nico always wanted to sing. Her greatest wish was to become an artist. She is convinced that the life offered her many beautiful moments and basically her life is wonderful because the music and family.   In 1990 she graduated the Popular Art School and from 1996...
Claudia Pavel, Cream
  Fotio :  - The motto the guides Cream is if you really want something, fight and you will get it . In career and in her personal life, Cream said in many press statements that she is confident in her talent and only so she managed to have at 22 years an interesting musical career, with notable results on the...
Directia 5
Foto: Wordpress   - The band Directia 5 was founded in 1991, in Bucharest. In the begining the band was represented by Catalin Onoiu, Florin Ionescu, Razvan Mirica, Vlaicu Giurgea, Dragos Badoi and Marian Ionescu.   The debut album was released in 1992 with the name At the sea eagle with the fish in claws . In the...
Corina, Romanian pop-dance singer
F   - Corina gained slowly but safe, only in three years of career, a worthy status in music.   Coming from Satu Mare, Corina graduated two faculties. The ASE from Bucharest and the Law Faculty. She feels very connected to the two areas and believes that one day she will manage to aplly in real life all...
Compact rock band
  - Compact , one of the most apreciated rock bands from Romania, was founded in 1977, and the founding member of the group was Teo Peter.   After two years, in 1979, the group gains another two members, Paul Ciuci and Aurel Vasilescu, a friend from a rock festival in Medias, Sibiu county.   The band debutes at...
Ducu Bertzi, folk artist
  Photo:   - Ducu Bertzi was born in Sighetu-Marmatiei, in Maramures county from Romania, on 21 September 1955. His parents, Alexander Bertzi and Florica Bertzi, were teachers.   Ducu was the first child. After three years from his birth on this world came his sister, Florica Maria. In 1989, on...
Gothic Catedrals
Medieval Gothic cathedral was born according to the documents in Saint Denis, suburb of Paris today. In 1136, Abbot Suger, clergyman, decided to rebuild the Carolingian Church. It started with the introduction of a new architectural element on a facade, a rose window.  The rest is history. When craftsmen, masons...
Haig Acterian, the author of the first monograph on William Shakespeare in Romanian language.
  - Haig Garabet Acterian , the eldest of brothers Acterian, is a famous film director from the interwar period. Brother of Arsavir Acterian and Jeni Acterian, he was a colleague of Mircea Eliade, at the Spiru Haret High School from Bucharest.   Mircea Eliade, the author of the novel named The shortsighted adolescent , an...
Tala Birell, a Romanian-American actress   - Tala Birell was born on 10 september 1907 in Bucharest, Romania. She was a Romanian-American actress that had many roles in remarkable movies.   She earned all the experience to play difficult roles on screen and stage in Vienna. Her talent made thigs possible for her to double Marlene Dietrich...
Red and Black, rock an beat band
Foto:   - Red and Black , a Romanian rock and beat band, was founded in Bucharest, in 1963. The founder, Nancy Brandes, left from Bucharest to continue to study at the Conservatory school from Iasi. In the summer of 1967. Nancy meets on the Romanian littoral the Gaudeamus orchestra, led by Bondy Stenzler,...
Singers. The Best Margareta Paslaru.
    photo :   - Margareta Paslaru was born in Bucharest on July 9, 1943.  Famous singer, Romanian pop music composer and lyricist, theatre and film actress, she developed a passion for theatre as a pupil   Her musical way gained success early, in 1960, the year when she...
Inna, first place in Billboard Top
  Foto:   - The Romanian singer Inna was in the Billboard top at the Hot Dance Airplay section and she has many chances to be there again thanks to her songs and her gorgeous voice.   At the age of 23 she was in the Billboard Top on the first position with her song called Hot . Her sensuality and romance...
Best actors of Romania. Geo Costiniu.
  Foto:   - Geo Costiniu was born on April 23, 1950, in Bucharest. He graduated the Theatre and Film Institute, Theatre College, the Department of Performing Arts, 1973 Promotion.   From 1974 he was an actor at the Odeon Theatre and between 1973 and 1974 he was actor at the National Theatre from Iasi....
The memorial house Nichita Stanescu
Foto: Wikipedia   - Nichita Stanescu was considered by the literary critics and the general public one of the foremost poet  that the Romanian language ever had, a language that himself always said it's divine.    Nichita Stanescu was born on March 31, 1933 at Ploiesti, Prahova County. He died on...
The Old Court's Princely Church from Bucharest
Foto:    The leader of Wallachia, Mircea Ciobanul , who rulled these lands from Romania twice, between 1545 - 1554 and 1558 - 1559, built a church to belong to his princely residence.   Nowadays this church is known as the Church of the Annunciation or St. Antony's Church. It is the oldest church from...
The History of Capsa House from Bucharest, Romania
   The Hystory of the Capsa House building begins in 1830. At that time, Ieronimo Momolo bought the properties of Slatineanu family and opened a pub, even where today is Caspsa House. The pub Slatineanu House was a known place for the Italian and Oriental food preparations.   A few years later the pub is extended with a...
About digital art in an evolving century
In the year of 2010, a year in a century of technology evolution, digital art is a term we all find often in all kind of works. The digital paintings gain popularity as days months and years go by and the photographs are also often called "digital works" because today's photography is a product of digital cameras. Rarely, the DSLR...
The oldest civilization in the world
 Often the word civilisation is used synonymously with the term culture in academic circles and also in the popular ones. Every human being participate in the composition of a culture that is defined by customs, beliefs, values, behavior that influences our lifestyle.   However in the most common definition refers to...
Afghanistan and the oldest oil painting
    The recent research activity supports the idea that originally, the oil painting was spread from Afghanistan to the west. If we follow what the researchers say we discover that the oil paint was basically used in Afghanistan between the fifth and ninth centuries.   Some surfaces like shields were used in that period...
Art Deco attributes, materials and design
Foto:    Art Deco was a style very opulent. Its lavishness is mentioned and attributed usualy as a reaction to the forced austerity that was imposed by the First World War.    In the United States of America there are some railways stations built in the '30s that were designed in this...
Gift ideas for Valentine's day
   We all will celebrate in short time the Valentine's day. As usualy the gift ideas are the problem for this special day for you and your love. Besides the special dinner that you have to prepare in case if you are a boy, be sure to search to the appropiate gift to let her know you love her. In case you are a girl, things are...
Eastern Europe Carnival
  Foto:    Many countries of Eastern Europe celebrate annualy carnival. Usualy people from all around the world are celebrating the carnival under a local name. Today, the pagan fertility ceremony and the spring ceremony are combined with modern traditions. Usualy these festivities are organised in February....
Where you can go for Valentine's Day?    If you have no idear about where to spend the lover's day, St. Valentine's Day, maybe the suggestions bellow will be helpful for you and your soulmate.   St. Valentine's Day in Venice   Venetia is a great place where you can spend some good quality time with your love. The places and...
Low price trips in Europe
 The economic crysis and all the problems from the economic sector forced the flight companies to lower their prices. Also in the same context all the agencies from the touristic sector decided to low down the prices for the customers with limited resources. Looking for a cheap trip? A bargain break in some places you've never been?...
The Guardian: Timisoara and the new face of Romania
"It was in Timisoara that a week of protests led to the downfall of Ceausescu. Twenty years on, this bright, culturaly eclectic city proves there's more to urban Romania than brutal tower blocks", The Guardian, about Timisoara, Romania.   The article from The Guardian also tells that Romania had to struggle to become a...


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Recommended News

Five Facts About David Duchovny Five Facts About David Duchovny
1. David Duchovny is famous all around the world as Fox Mulder in the X-Files series (a true phenomenon of the 90s) and for playing Hank Moody in the sometimes controversial and always ...
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