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Five Facts About David Duchovny 1. David Duchovny is famous all around the world as Fox Mulder in the X-Files series (a true phenomenon of the 90s) and for playing Hank Moody in the sometimes controversial and always... 0 Comments
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Five Facts About David Duchovny

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Christian X, born at 26 September 1870 at Charlottenlund Castle , becomes king age 41. The outburst of the First World War, only two years from his coronation, sets difficult premises for the reign of Christian X.   Though he intended to keep his kingdom at shelter from war, Germany forces the king to mine the...
Frederik VIII climbs the throne in 1906, age 63 and even though he reigns only for 6 short years his reign is not free of important events.   In 1908 the minister of justice, Alberti, is accused of fraud, the scandal leading to the demission of Christiansen cabinet and the adoption of a new Constitution.   In 1869 king...
King Christian IX - The Kingdom of Denmark
Christian IX , born on the eight of April 1818 at Gottorp Castle in Schleswig , will become king on the 15 th of November 1863. The first period of his reign is marked by an unfortunate historical event: Denmark looses the Duchy of Schleswig - Holstein - Lanenburg to Prussia in the battle of Dybbool....
Denmark, the oldest monarchy in Europe
  Royal motto: “ GUDS HJÆLP, FOLKETS KÆRLIGHED, DANMARKS STYRKE”         Political organization:   Denmark is the oldest monarchy in Europe . In 1894 it became a constitutional...
The Royal House of Hanover and Ducal House of Brunswick
  (House of Brunswick - Luneburg ) Coat of arms: Hanover , ex electorate of The Holy Empire, became an independent kingdom of the German Confederation in 1815, as a result of the unification of several medieval principalities: The Duchy of Bremen, The Principality of Luneburg, The...
Grand Ducal House of Hesse (Brabant)
Coat of arms: Hesse, the country of the Chatti (ancient Germanic tribe whose homeland was near the upper Weser ), was conquered by Giso – count of Gudensberg, in 1120. The first landgrave of Hesse was Henry the Child (1265), who was named prince by the imperial council in 1292.   The latter descended...
Royal House of Sweden – House of Bernadotte
Coat of arms:   During far middle ages, Sweden , as other Scandinavian countries, was divided into a multitude of small Viking kingdoms. In 1392 the three Scandinavian countries: Norway , Denmark and Sweden were united by Queen of Denmark Margaret the First, under a single king, her nephew,...
Praid Salt Mine, Romania
  From the west, Praid is the gateway of Harghita County. Here the valley narrows more and the mountains are closer. The landscape is a real paradise for those who do not limit only to sightsee from cars. Praid is the biggest village of Harghita.  In Praid village live around 7250 people. In the center...
MONACHY - Definition, Types of Succesion, Typology, History
Monarchy, term of Greek origin (monos archein), meaning one leader , is a form of autocratic governance by a single leader of a state - the monarch. The term has changed its significance, in time becoming the equivalent of dictatorship, despotism, and absolutism or autocracy. The modern sense of the word monarchy refers to a rather...
Simion Mehedinti, prestigious academician
Simion Mehedinti, academician, cultural personality, was born on 19 October 1869, in Vrancea County, Romania. He had a particular role in youth education through his writings and numerous appearances in front of the Romanian students. Contributor to numerous publications, including Student Word, Sunday People magazines, or...
Ileana Cotrubas, a great soprano
Ileana Cotrubas was born in Galati, Romania, with a chance to be part of a family for whom music was more than a hobby. Her father, Vasile Cotrubas was tenor in an amateur choir and held her. The musical career began at the age of just nine years, when Ileana became a member of the Children's Choir of the National Radio...
Ciprian Porumbescu, a great composer
Ciprian Porumbescu was born in Sipotele Sucevei village on October 14, 1853. He studied music in Suceava and Cernauti, then Conservatory in Vienna with Anton Bruckner and Franz Krenn, studies that were interrupted because his family passed through precarious situation. His father Iraclie Porumbescu was Orthodox priest. Between 1873...
Mircea Cantor Exhibition, London
The Ratiu Foundation / Romanian Cultural Centre in London invite you to see Mircea Cantor: The Need for Uncertainty 20 February – 19 April 2009 Galleries 2 & 3, Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road London NW3 6DG; Tel. 020 7472 5500
Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu
  Angela Gheorghiu Burlacu was born in Adjud city, Vrancea County, on 7 September 1965. During childhood, spent in her hometown, she attended the School of Music. Then she attended the High School of Music and Ciprian Porumbescu Conservatory in Bucharest.   In 1992 she makes her...
National Theater Bucharest
  National Theater Bucharest was founded in 1852. In the last day of the year was held the inauguration of the Theater, called in those times Grand Theater. Along times the repertoire has included plays by Shakespeare, Ibsen, Gorki, GB Shaw, A. Strindberg, L.N. Tolstoi, Cehov, also Romanian plays.  ...
Maria Filotti Theater in Braila
The first official reference about a theatrical event in Braila city was in 1896. The event was opened to the public at the Rally Theater where Hariclea Darclée began her career in 1881, also Maria Filotti in 1905. In 1919 becomes Comunal Theater , then in 1949 State Theater Braila  - Galati...
Alegretto Children’s Choir
Alegretto Children’s Choir , founded in 1974, part of National Children’s Palace from Bucharest, had from start performances   recorded for radio and TV. The choir had a great artistic activity, meaning   800 performances and concerts, 400 overseas. During its activity a...
Madrigal Choir
  Madrigal Choir, founded in 1963 by Professor Marin Constantin, is one of the most prestigious choral ensembles from Romania and until 1968 was part of Ciprian Porumbescu Conservatory of Music in Bucharest. Since 1968 is a professional choir. Madrigal choir claimed an impressive number of concerts in Romania and...
Travel to Romania. Palace of Parliament.
  The People's House built in the central part of Bucharest, on Spirii Hill, is a building that is distinguished by its dimensions, with a height of 84 m and 12 floors. The building contains numerous offices, halls, meaning around 1,000 rooms impressive decorated, offering to whole anssembly a monumental...
Old traditions in Maramures County
Maramures region lies in a large depression of the Carpathian Mountains, depression located in northern Romania. The region has approximately 10,000 sq. km and there is between the Oas, Tibles, Rodna and Maramures Mountains which attain 2,000 m height. A large part of region have beautiful alpine meadows, forests of firs,...
Herculane Baths
Herculane Baths, situated in the south-west of Romania, on the Cerna Valley, at 160 m height, has a very picturesque location. The climate with Mediterranean influences is very agreeable . The resort, established since 153 e.n, has a long history until today mainly because of thermal springs with miraculous benefits. ...
Constantin Brancusi
Image: The Gate of the Kiss, Targu-Jiu, Romania   Constantin Brancusi   was born in Hobita village, in Gorj county, Romania,   on February 19, 1876.   He was enrolled in the School of Crafts in Craiova between 1894 -1898, then in School of Belle-Arte Bucharest,   that graduated in...
Hallstatt. Austria.
The Austrian mountain resort Hallstatt, in Salzkammergunt area,is one of the most picturesque settlements, at the foot of the mountain Salzberg and on the border of Alpine Lake Hallstattersee. The settlement has a total of 1,000 people. Many houses are placed on mountain and you can see narrow alleys, wood or stone...
Great Projects. Cernavoda Bridge.
The bridge over Borcea, branch of the Danube river,   was a necessity and in this regard the government C.I. Bratianu launched in 1879 an international competition of projects in order to raise bridges for a transport route. The projects not responding and the Romanian government has appointed a team headed by engineer...
Romanian Architects. Ion Mincu.
Ion Mincu was born on December 20,1852 at Focsani, Romania. Architect, professor and parliament deputy. Professor at the School of Architecture in Bucharest, also the founder of the National School of Architecture. He attended secondary studies at  High School Unirea (Union) in Focsani (1863-1871), then submitting to the...
Petre Antonescu, a great architect
Petre Antonescu was born in Ramnicu Sarat on June 29, 1873. He was one of the greatest Romanian architects.   He studied architecture in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, gaining a diploma in 1899 and is one of the first generation of the architects who have given neo-Romanian architecture, a bridge...
Sinaia Landmarks
Sinaia is a beautiful mountain resort, a real pearl of the Carpathians Mountains by beauty of landscape and its historical buildings. Located at an altitutine between 798 and 1055m, along the Prahova Valley, you can get here covering 100 km from Bucharest or 37 km from Brasov. Sinaia Landmarks   Sinaia...
Bucegi. The Holy Mountain of the Pelasgs.
          Bucegi Mountains. Romania.                                   Up to the end 19 th century the...
Kogainon (Kogaionon, Kogaion). The story begins with Strabon.
The first written account of the carpatho-danubian pontic area (the area between the Charpathians, the Danube and the Black Sea) was that of the father of history , Herodot of Halicarns. (about 484-420 B.C.) and it refers to the expedition of Darius, the king of the Persians, in 514 B.C., against the Scythians to the north of the Black Sea. On...
Romanian People and Dacian state
  The Dacian state was formed as a result of the development of the north Thracian space.   The unification of the north Thracian tribes was generated mainly by economic development.   In the space inhabited by the Dacians were recorded great progresses in the processing of iron, therefore the...


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Recommended News

Five Facts About David Duchovny Five Facts About David Duchovny
1. David Duchovny is famous all around the world as Fox Mulder in the X-Files series (a true phenomenon of the 90s) and for playing Hank Moody in the sometimes controversial and always ...
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