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Artist's Presentation Gabriela Calinoiu /////// ////// /////// /////// ///////

Live and work in Bucharest,Romania.  

Member of Fine Artists Union from Romania.  

- Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts College,Bucharest-1989
- National University of Arts Bucharest.Academy of Decorative Arts and Design-1997.
- Collective exhibitions of painting: 1992- Brazilia-Brusque Biennale;
1993-Stamps Exhibition-Japan;
1994-National University of Arts Bucharest; 1995-National University of Arts Bucharest;
1996-National University of Arts Bucharest; 1998-2005-Steilmann Bukarest SRL aGraphic Design Works; 2005-2007- Graphic Design Works - Vall IMPEX S.R.L. Bucharest; 2008- Berlin Biennale Exhibition,Germany; 2008-Paintings Exhibition -Young&Arts;
2008-2011- Galla Gallery,Bucharest; 2011-2012-Collective exhibitionsaUnicata-Romulus Art Gallery, Bucharest;
2013-Collective exhibitions-aCome spring!a-Romulus Art Gallery, Bucharest. PERSONAL EXHIBITION: 1996-Paintings Exhibition "Ocean"(graphics art and interior design) -Vall IMPEX SRL Art Gallery Bucharest;
1996-1998- Graphics works and design-Vall IMPEX SRL,Bucharest;
2009-Paintings Exhibition(Graphics and design)-Vall IMPEX SRL,Bucharest;
2010-Paintings Exhibition(Graphics and design)-Vall IMPEX SRL,Bucharest; 2010(February)--Abstract Painting  Exhibition-Vitantis Shopping Center,Bucharest; 2010(February)-Watercolor Painting-"Colours in nature"-Vall IMPEX SRL,Bucharest
2011-Gabriela Calinoiu`s Art Gallery Opening 2011-Paintings Exhibition at Gabriela Calinoiu Art Gallery: -"Nude in Arts"-Watercolor Painting and Drawings Exhibition ; -Decorative Objects and Paintings Exhibition; -Graphics and Design Exhibition; -"Light & Colours-Abstract paintings on canvas -"Landscapes"-watercolor and pastels art; -"Abstract Painting  Exhibition"; -"Autumn colours-watercolor and pastels art;
2012-Paintings Exhibition at Gabriela Calinoiu Art Gallery: -"Landscapes in pastel"-works in watercolor and pastels -"Watercolor Landscapes"-works in watercolor -"Spring Flowers"-works in watercolor
2013-Paintings Exhibition at Gabriela Calinoiu Art Gallery: -"The colours of Spring"-works in watercolor -"Nature Energy"-Abstract paintings on canvas -"Flowers&Landscapes"-works in watercolor -"Watercolors"-Flowers and Landscapes art works
2014-Paintings Exhibition at Gabriela Calinoiu Art Gallery: -"Original Handmades"; -"Landscapes &Flowers"-works in watercolor ; -"Vegetal"- abstract paintings works; -"Spring Flowers"-works in watercolor . GRAPHICS WORKS Magazine Illustration for: Companies:(2005-2008-Vall Impex SRL,1998-2005-Steilmann Bukarest SRL,
2011-2014-Gabriela Calinoiu`s Art Gallery)  Schools-2009-2011(Illustration Graphic for  "D`ale Elevilor"Magazine-School Nr.81,Bucharest,in 2009 magazine take  first prize in Bucharest for Graphic Illustration.  Appearances in  publications and magazines: 2008-aTex Femina Magazinea- aJournal paintera 2008-"Young &Arts" Art Catalogue 2013 "Portrait of the artist" "Portrait of the artist" aPOEME AN LUMINA ȘI CULOARE GABRIELA CALINOIU a painter,designer,graphic designer "Poem Light and color" -"Portrait of the artist",GABRIELA CALINOIU a painter,designer,graphic designer Gabriela Calinoius Works are held in individual collections in: Romania,Germany,England,Japan,Israel, France,Italy, Canada,Spain,Brazil,United States, Switzerland. 

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